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Hourly paid workers: list of requesters and approvers for Students' Union

List of requesters and approvers in the Students' Union who can request and approve hourly paid workers.


Students' Union

Requesters Job Title Contact Email
Amy Young Insight & Engagement Manager
Connor Whelan Bars Supervisor
Donna Ashford Students' Union Advisor
Emily Burstow Finance Manager
Gemma Rigby Peer Support Manager
Helen Constance Advice & Support Manager
Helen Webb Marketing & Communications Manager
Jo Mansfield Sports Co-ordinator
Lochlann Ryan Assistant Manager
Suzanne Snook Community Co-ordinator
Approvers Job Title Contact Email
Amanda Wilson-Garner Deputy Chief Executive
Helen McHenry Head of Finance
Joanna Dixon Competitions Manager
Kelly Sheppard Deputy Commercial Manager
Michael Dalton Head of Commercial Venues & Events
Polly Hawker Head of Activities
Ryan Bird Chief Executive


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