The codes assigned to units are made up of seven alphanumeric characters (for example, CH10005).

Character position Function Values Definition
1& 2 Department code (2 characters): identifies the department or departments which contribute to the teaching of the unit AR Architecture & Civil Engineering, Department of
AS Learning Partnerships (for example, units for Foundation Degrees). Replaced by 'LP' with effect from 2013/14
CD CPD Support & Development Office
CE Chemical Engineering, Department of
CH Chemistry, Department of
CM Computer Science, Department of
CN Community Courses (Division for Lifelong Learning)
ED Education, Department of
EE Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Department of
EL Academic Skills Centre (formerly English Language Centre)
ES Economics, Department of
EU European Studies & Modern Languages, Department of. Replaced by 'PL' with effect from 2011/12
FL Foreign Languages Centre
HL Health, Department for
LP Units administered by the Learning Partnerships Office. _ Replaced 'AS' with effect from 2013/14_
LT Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office
MA Mathematical Sciences
ME Mechanical Engineering, Department of
MN Management, School of
PA Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Department of
PH Physics, Department of
PL Politics, Languages and International Studies, Department of. Replaced 'EU' with effect from 2011/12
PS Psychology, Department of
RP Postgraduate Skills Training (see the PGSkills website for further information)
TB TeamBath
SP Social & Policy Sciences, Department of
XX Cross-department
ZZ Used for Director of Studies Approved Units
Character position Function Values Definition
3 Level code: a technical coding element which indicates the level at which the unit is studied (see also the page describing different levels assigned to units) 0 Foundation (or non-credit bearing)
1 Certificate
2 Intermediate
3 Honours
4 Masters (offered to both Undergraduate & Postgraduate students)
5 Masters (offered on Postgraduate programmes)
6 Doctoral
Character position Function Values Definition
4 - 7 Numeric identifier (4 characters): used to identify particular units within a group that otherwise has common characteristics of department and level This element should be assumed to have no intrinsic significance. Within the group of units which have the following common characteristics, for example: Department of Mathematical Sciences; Honours level (MA3 ...) the number at the end only serves to separate different individual units.

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