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Job families at the University

An overview of our job families with examples of jobs that sit within each family.


Education and Research (E&R)

Roles in this family are wholly or predominantly focused on research and teaching. They may combine elements of research, teaching, leadership or management but the relative emphasis and the nature of the contribution will vary.

Example roles

  • Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor
  • Dean; Dean and Head of School of Management
  • Heads of School or Department
  • Professor
  • Reader
  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer
  • Senior Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Research Officer
  • Senior Teaching Fellow, Teaching Fellow
  • Clinical Director
  • Consultant

Management, Specialist and Administration (MSA)

Management, Specialist and Administration staff provide support to our staff and students and sometimes to the wider public. The work might involve administrative support, development or implementing policy, specialist advice or project management. All roles require an understanding of the University’s systems and processes. Roles in the higher grades often combine professional qualifications, managerial experience and a substantial impact on the running and resources of the institution.

Example roles

  • Assistant Accountant, Accounting Technician, Finance Administrator
  • Careers Adviser
  • Subject Librarian, Library Assistant
  • HR Manager
  • Health & Safety Adviser
  • Departmental Coordinator
  • Office Supervisor
  • Finance Administrator, Course Administrator, Postgraduate Administrator

Technical and Experimental (T&E)

Roles in this job family provide technical and/or scientific support to research and teaching. They offer research support to academic staff and students, and support teaching, meetings and seminars by setting up and operating equipment and providing technical input into teaching programmes. At a higher level, the roles involve either higher specialised expert advice and support or line responsibility for a substantial technical service group.

Example roles

  • Technical Manager
  • Senior Technician, Laboratory Technician
  • Experimental Officer
  • IT Support Officer
  • Engineering Apprentice
  • Laboratory Assistant

Operational and Facilities Support (OFS)

Our operational and facilities support staff play an essential role in ensuring the effective running of our University. These roles involve direct or indirect service provision for students and staff through residential, catering, cleaning and other site services or sporting activity. Some roles provide these services personally, while others enable or manage these services.

Example roles

  • Catering Operations Manager
  • Facilities Team Manager
  • Sports Coach
  • Senior Head Chef, Food & Beverage Assistant
  • Building, Electrical or Mechanical Supervisor
  • Security Officer
  • Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter
  • Housekeeper
  • Sports Assistant
  • Shop or Retail Assistant
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Porter, Cleaner

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