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NESA WebApp users: Faculty of Science

List of the NESA WebApp users in Faculty of Science.


Access Levels

  • Departmental − users can access and process NESA's for anyone within their own department
  • Faculty − users can access and process NESA's for any department within their faculty

Computer Science

User Name Job Title Contact Email Access Level
Brent Kiernan Centre Manager CDT Departmental
Francesca Migliaccio Doctoral Training & Events Co-ordinator Departmental
Rebecca Knight CAMERA Marketing & Events Coordinator Departmental

Faculty Office

User Name Job Title Contact Email Access Level
Alison Humphries Finance Administrator Faculty
Amanda Harper Director of Administration Faculty
Amanda Lester Postgraduate Officer Departmental
Catherine Haines Operations & Projects Manager Faculty
Claudia O'Hagan Department Co-ordinator Departmental
Diana Pullin Postgraduate Officer Departmental
Edyta Pope Department Coordinator Faculty
Jess McCallum Faculty Operations Officer Faculty
Julia Pearce Department Coordinator Faculty
Joanna Lucyszyn Department Co-ordinator Faculty
Katherine Remington Department Coordinator Departmental
Kathryn Hood Placements Officer Faculty
Laura Hiscox Finance & Research Support Manager Faculty
Lisa Newberry Finance Assistant Faculty
Louise Oliver Placements & Industrial Engagement Manager Departmental
Meghan Rowe Marketing Officer Departmental
Ulrika Whitley Faculty Finance Officer Faculty

Institute of Coding

User Name Job Title Contact Email Access Level
Caron Staley Institute Manager Departmental
Claudia Haine Corona Finance Co-ordinator (IoC) (mailto:
Lesley McKay Institute Coordinator Departmental


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