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Staff Recognition Awards 2023

Celebrating those nominated and awarded at the Staff Recognition Awards 2023.


Security Accommodation Team
Security Accommodation Team accepting award

Being nominated for an award is a huge achievement and this year we received 111 nominations for the Staff Recognition Awards, enabling the University to recognise the hard work and commitment that continues to be delivered across campus from our professional services and support staff.

On Monday 3 July we hosted a celebratory event and awards ceremony for all those awarded, either as a winner or highly commended. The Vice-Chancellor presented all attendees with their awards and signed certificates.

We would like to say a special thank you to all those who took the time to nominate for this year’s awards. Over 400 people from the University community engaged in the awards process and the nominations provided an exceptional level of detail showing how much their hard work is valued, and highlighting the level of excellence carried out by our professional services and support staff.

We are also very grateful to the panel for giving their time, experience and expertise in selecting this year’s winners: Sue Wonnacott (Chair), Peter Eley, Marianne Harkins, Amy Thompson, Simon Paul and Amanda Crowe.

Staff Recognition Award for 'Overall Team' and Enhancing the Student Experience (team)

Security Accommodation Team

Alan Olpin, Hari Sabic, Gareth Eyles, Jim Suter, Lesley Allen, Luke Hughes, Matthew England, Matthew Pinnell, Ricky Stonham, Shaun Teale, Steve Hurst

The team demonstrates such great work, delivering exceptional support and contribution supporting both campus and private accommodation. They are instrumental in the student experience, welfare and pastoral care duties, impacting not only students welfare and Mental Health but also their colleagues. They amplify the importance of an active supportive community, including, daily welfare visits, transportation to Mental Health Crisis services , assisting family when attending campus , transportation of students , assisting vulnerable students in the city centre, First Aid Assistance (24Hr), Pastoral Care, Welfare Support, Crisis Support .  

The security officers are approachable, supportive and engaging. These incidents have a positive impact on the students which in turn amplifies the student experience that they receive.

Staff Recognition Award for Enhancing the Student Experience

Hannah Moore

Social interventions lead, Student support and safeguarding

Hannah set up and organises the student Bereavement Social Group. She puts so much thought into every session. She has brought students together from all backgrounds and courses, creating a safe and welcoming space, offering an opportunity to meet people who understand.

Hannah has seemingly never-ending emotional support and is committed and adaptable, even running zoom sessions so no one feels forgotten.

Highly Commended

  • Claire Martin, Student Experience Officer, School of Management
  • Neil Price, Technical Supervisor, ACE
  • Viktor Toshev, SU Activities Officer, Students Union
  • The Campus Events Team
    • Stephanie Gan, Campus Events Manager, Heather Lee-Wright, Campus Events Officer, Jennie Silk, Campus Events Officer, Cecile Luc, Campus Events Officer, Michelle Sommerville, Campus Events Coordinator, Samantha Evans, Campus Events Coordinator

Staff Recognition Award for Manager / Leader of the Year

Loretta Gibson

Director of Administration, Faculty of Engineering and Design

Loretta offers 'Visionary leadership' as a gifted and talented leader, leading a major project to help equity, retention, recruitment, succession and build careers (not just jobs). She is people-centred, building successful teams. Her leadership is, quite simply, exemplary [in the Faculty], and beyond.

She is not only highly motivated but motivational to colleagues, supporting skills development and opening opportunities, as well as encouraging the faculty to ‘do their bit’ for our collective environmental footprint.

She is committed, dedicating her MA research to International Strategy which is now the blueprint for the faculty, and on top of all this she has been fundamental in supporting the COO with panache and great success, demonstrating outstanding leadership.

Highly Commended

  • Corinne Evans, Strategic Communications Director, Department of Communications

Staff Recognition Award for Service to the Community and Sustainability

Blake Walker

SU Community Officer, Students' Union

Blake has been instrumental in improving and cementing relationships with the local community, including the local council and police, raising the common problems faced by students seeing how things can be improved. Most significantly their lobbying has resulted in the ‘Bath Safe Bus’ creating a safe place for students and the community to turn to at night in the city.

Their persistence and collaboration have led to millions of pounds being dedicated to improving accessibility on our campus and have delivered successful events with external speakers for trans students to love and accept themselves. They have been forefront at challenging the local government about more aide to support students during this cost-of-living crisis.

Highly Commended

  • Alice Lowe, Climate Action Engagement & Training Manager, Vice Chancellor's Office

Staff Recognition Award for Supporting Colleagues

Aiste Senulyte

Equalities Charter Manager, HR

Aiste has been consistently instructive, professional, kind, fast, persistent and highly motivated. She has supported and brought to life initiatives and work on EDI, specifically for the Department of Economics. She has led the Task and Finish Group on Good Citizenship Tasks and significantly contributed in establishing the Returning Parents Support fund in this Academic Year.

She has an incredible ability to transform informed analysis into meaningful impact resulting in improvements for all affected members of the community.

Dawn Barrow and James Mitchell

East Building Porters Team

They have offered the most immense support to transform the building offices into a great place to work, clearing, re-arranging, and moving office furniture. They have proactively found solutions, fixing a range of issues.

Most importantly, Dawn and James are wonderful colleagues, always positive and chatty, they provide so much to the building and deserve to be recognised for all of their hard work. We at the Institute for Sustainability are always grateful for them.

Christopher Lee and Paul Roussel

The Edge Porters Team

Offer significant support for The SU’s programme of events in The Edge with a high standard of service and constantly friendly attitude to students and staff alike, ensuring success. They should be recognised for their reliability of service, and willingness to go above and beyond and can be depended on, especially in a crisis, with enthusiasm and expert knowledge.

Chris and Paul are an incredible asset to The Edge and we, as an Arts Team, feel that they are truly a part of our team and deserve recognition for their exceptional and brilliant work.

Highly Commended

  • Cait Kirkpatrick, Placement Officer, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Jess McCallum, Faculty Operations Officer, Faculty of Science
  • The Security Team
    • Alan Olpin, Blake Tipton, Brian Howell, Charlotte Daniels, Christopher Canning, Christopher Ettle Claire Richards, Damon King, David Jones, Gareth Eyles, Gary Evans, Geoffrey Gregor, Giovanni Santarpino Hannah Phillips, Hari Sabic, James Norval, James Paradise, James Peart, Jim Suter, John Cook, Joseph Brace, Jude Sheppard, Karl Holland, Keith McCarthy-Phillips, Kevin Kite, Kevin Wilkes, Lesley Allen, Lindsay MacLennan, Luke Hughes, Martin Hosegood, Martin Zurian, Matthew England, Matthew Pinnell, Mike Porter, Naomi Burton, Neil Topping, Nick Place, Nigel Curnock, Pascale Souchon, Paul Spreadbury, Philip Jenkinson, Richard Brown, Richard Dyer, Robert Prior, Robin Eames, Sean Moore, Serena Joyce, Shaun Teale, Stephen Wilkinson, Steve Hurst, Stuart Brailey, Thompson Bayagbon, Tom Stephens, Tony MacFarlane

Congratulations also to all those nominated:

  • Alex Field Supporting Colleagues
  • Ali Bevan Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Allan Houston Supporting Colleagues
  • Anderley Askham Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Andrew White Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Angela Mutlow Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Annie Jordan Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Anouchka Stevens Supporting Colleagues
  • Bethany Howson Supporting Colleagues
  • Caroline Chapman Supporting Colleagues
  • Catherine Haines Manager / Leader of the Year
  • Cheryl Rothwell Supporting Colleagues
  • Chris Roberts Supporting Colleagues
  • Clare Baxter Supporting Colleagues
  • Clare Woolfe Manager / Leader of the Year
  • Dave Springford Enhancing the Student Experience
  • David Howarth Supporting Colleagues
  • David Rodrigues Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Dr Baris Yalabik Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Dr Kathryn Proctor Supporting Colleagues
  • Eileen Flude Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Claire Martin Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Elizabeth Walter Supporting Colleagues
  • Fran Smith Supporting Colleagues
  • Francesca Guiso Gallisai Manager / Leader of the Year
  • Gary Peters Supporting Colleagues
  • Georgina Newham Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Helen Sanders Supporting Colleagues
  • Helen Webb Enhancing the Student Experience
  • John Troyer Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Katie Hillier Supporting Colleagues
  • Laura Dellow Supporting Colleagues
  • Lauren Jones Supporting Colleagues
  • Liz Foot Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Lorna Joscelyne Supporting Colleagues
  • Louise Scott Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Marco Corrales Ferreira Supporting Colleagues
  • Maria Christou Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Melissa Oram Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Midge (Andrew Price) Supporting Colleagues
  • Mike Porter Manager / Leader of the Year
  • Dave Higgins Supporting Colleagues
  • Laura Nicholson - Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Susan Paddock Supporting Colleagues
  • Natasha Bishop Supporting Colleagues
  • Niamh Rutterford Supporting Colleagues
  • Nicole Stewart Supporting Colleagues
  • Oliver Eades Supporting Colleagues
  • Rebecca Cooper Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Ryan Lucas Manager / Leader of the Year
  • Saffron Griffin Supporting Colleagues
  • Shane Edwards Supporting Colleagues
  • Simon Wharf Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Stephen Coombes Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Steve Cayzer Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Susan Paddock Supporting Colleagues
  • Susanna Terrusso Supporting Colleagues
  • Susanne Selway Supporting Colleagues
  • Thomas Rogers Supporting Colleagues
  • Tom Parsons Supporting Colleagues
  • Tracey Bennett Supporting Colleagues
  • Virginia (Ginny) Cordeiro, Enhancing the Student Experience
  • Will Hill, Supporting Colleagues


  • Advice and Support Team, The Students' Union, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Donna Ashford, Liz Stoneman, Sonja Zurian
  • Doctoral Development Team, Doctoral College, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Oli Schofield, Fiona Alexander, Calum Wheeler
  • Facilities Services Team, Supporting Colleagues
    • Christopher Dowding and Gary Barrow
  • International Relations Team, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Benjamin Smith, Clare Woolfe, Helen Friend, Davina Rose
  • MSc Office Team (Admissions and Programme Support) School of Management, Supporting Colleagues
    • Dee Mahil, Mikhaila Found, Eva Thomas, Louise Milligan, Dan Brown, Sarah Crampin, Ros Knapton, Nicole Lin, Sophie Kenny
  • Payments Team, , Supporting Colleagues
    • Anne Winchester, Camilla Harris, Samantha Duncan, Ceri Page, Eve Mounsey
  • Peer Support Team, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Leah McCue, Tidrah Jeffers, Sophie Brosnan, Andy Callaghan, Sam Cook
  • PGT Student Recruitment Team, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Siddharth Singh, James O'Grady, Navdeep Uppal
  • The Electrical Compliance Team, , Supporting Colleagues
    • Craig Carter, Doug Stanley, Jordan Jones, Anthony Steel, Dean Smith, Steen Saywell
  • The Language Café organising team, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Leah McCue, Carmen Schembri Wismayer
  • Volunteering Team, Enhancing the Student Experience
    • Anna Boneham, Beckie Upton, Katherine Everton

Photos from the Staff Recogntion Awards Event

Staff Recognition Awards 2023

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