1. Applying for Accommodation

1.1 Eligible groups

Applications for University accommodation are accepted on the basis that students are from an eligible group, detailed as follows for 2019-20 academic year:

  • New first years studying a full-time undergraduate course
  • New full-time Foundation Degree in Sports Performance (C601) students
  • New full-time MA Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters) students
  • New full-time overseas, fee-paying postgraduates
  • Students with specific medical conditions or disabilities
  • Students leaving care provided by the State or other organisations
  • Exchange or visiting students nominated for student accommodation by the International Mobility team
  • Students attending a pre-sessional programme

Applications for Hello Student managed accommodation are accepted on the basis that students are from an eligible group, detailed as follows for 2019-20 academic year:

  • New overseas, fee-paying postgraduates
  • New UK and EU fee paying postgraduates

If you are a UK or EU postgraduate student, applications are accepted but we cannot guarantee you accommodation. You will be placed on a waiting list and we'll let you know if your application has been successful as soon as possible after the 17 June 2019. We will try to house as many UK and EU postgraduate students as possible.

Non-eligible groups

If, during application verification processes, an application is found from a non-eligible student by our staff the application will be withdrawn and confirmation sent by email to you. Assistance will be provided in finding private sector housing.

1.2 When to apply

First year undergraduates

Applications are accepted after Bath is registered as your first choice through UCAS.

Those who have made Bath their insurance choice can only apply after you have changed Bath from insurance choice to first choice.

All other eligible groups

Applications are accepted after you have made a 'firm' acceptance of course offer with the University of Bath.

1.3 Guarantee deadline

Students from eligible groups need to have applied by the appropriate deadline to be guaranteed a room in University accommodation or Hello Student managed accommodation.

For new full-time overseas fee-paying postgraduates and new full-time MA Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters) students the guarantee deadline is 17 June 2019.

For new first years studying a full-time undergraduate course, new full-time Foundation Degree in Sports Performance (C601) students, Exchange or visiting students, students with specific medical conditions or disabilities, students leaving care provided by the State or other organisations and students attending a pre-sessional programme the guarantee deadline is 1 July 2019.

Please note this is a guarantee of a room, not a specific type of room or location.

1.4 Applying with additional requirements

Students wishing to apply for accommodation based on disability, medical condition or additional support needs should complete an Additional Requirements application form.

Additional Requirements applications will be passed to our colleagues in Student Services, where the Disability Services Team will evaluate the application and inform Student Accommodation of their decision.

Once Student Services have approved the application then applications made on additional support needs will be given the highest priority for their room type preferences.

The guarantee date of 1 July still applies for additional requirements applications. We will still try to help as much as possible for applications received after 1 July but finding suitable accommodation still available may prove challenging.

1.5 Applying for quiet accommodation

We offer some areas which are designated quiet accommodation for new undergraduates, subject to sufficient demand. If applying for quiet accommodation new undergraduates do so on the basis they will need to show extra consideration to their flatmates and neighbours in keeping noise to a minimum wherever possible. Applicants who do not request quiet accommodation will not be assigned it.

For most of our accommodation after 23:30 it is expected that no noise or music should be heard in adjacent corridors or rooms. However, for those assigned quiet accommodation after 22:00 it is expected that no noise or music should be heard in adjacent corridors or rooms.

Note - Residents using kitchens or bathrooms after 22:00 should show special consideration to other students in the group who may be trying to sleep.

1.6 Applying for alcohol free accommodation

We offer some flats/groups which are designated alcohol free for new undergraduates, subject to sufficient demand. When living in an alcohol free flat or group you, or your guests, are not permitted to keep, drink or bring alcohol into your accommodation. No applicant will be placed in alcohol free accommodation if they have not applied for it.

1.7 Applying for mature student accommodation

New undergraduate applicants aged 21 years or above can apply for mature student accommodation. The provision of such accommodation groups or flats is subject to demand, whilst every effort will be made to fulfil such a request we cannot guarantee there will be no students younger than 21 living around you.

1.8 Applying after the guarantee date

Accommodation applications received are accepted on a non-guaranteed basis. Whilst we cannot guarantee a room in University accommodation for post guarantee applicants we will help as many as we can.

The choice available will be limited and likely in our city centre buildings or possibly a shared room.

2. Room Allocations

2.1 Room allocation procedure

Rooms will be allocated according to course offer status, room type preference and group gender preference. When allocating rooms, priority is not given to the date and time that students submit their accommodation application. We do not use a 'first come first served' approach.

The order in which rooms are allocated is randomly generated by our accommodation database.

We try to get applicants into one of their higher ranked room type preferences but this will not be possible in many cases.

Applicants should try to manage their expectation accordingly. Room allocation always depends on the popularity of room types and the number of applicants.

En-suite rooms are normally highly sought after and we are not able to meet all such requests. Although the majority of our bed-stock is on campus, we do also have rooms located off campus in the city centre.

We only allocate rooms after an applicant’s course offer changes to unconditional firm.

2.2 Delays affecting your offer of accommodation

Delays to your offer becoming unconditional firm will likely affect your chances of getting your preferred room. Delays can include things like not achieving your offer grades and going through an appeal process.

If you are delayed, you can still get a room in University accommodation if you submitted your application before the guarantee deadline.

2.3 Offering you a room

University Accommodation

Accepting our offer of accommodation

Most students will be emailed with an offer of accommodation between late August and early September. Pre-sessional students will receive their room offer no longer than 15 days before their course starts. Please respond promptly when you hear from us.

An email invitation to log into the accommodation portal will be sent to you, where you will be able to respond by accepting/rejecting the offer online in the portal or accepting via offline acceptance papers.

If you do not respond within 5 days of sending the room offer notification we will begin to chase you by email.

Should we not hear back from you within 20 days of your room offer being issued we will withdraw the offer of accommodation automatically. Due to the demand for rooms if you contact us after your room offer has been withdrawn you will not be reassigned accommodation.

Only one offer of accommodation will be made. You will need to read the offer of accommodation and make sure it is suitable for your needs.

If you no longer require the accommodation we offer you please notify us as soon as possible after receiving the room offer. Demand for accommodation is high, and we can then help other students in need of a room.

Rejecting our offer of accommodation

You do not have to accept our offer of accommodation. If you reject it, we may not be able to make you another offer unless there are special circumstances that we were unaware of at the time of allocation. Your next step may then be to find private housing.

Hello Student Managed Accommodation

Student Accommodation staff at the University of Bath will decide allocations and then inform Hello Student staff of the details. At this point Hello Student staff will contact students directly with room offer details and a room contract.

Hello Student staff will then be your first point of contact for any queries you may have.

Hello Student Accommodation are managing the buildings at Canal Bridge, Widcombe Wharf, Piccadilly Place, Radway House, James House and The Exchange. These buildings are secured on a nominations agreement with the University of Bath for use by our students.