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Applying for University accommodation if you have a diagnosed medical condition or disability

If you have a diagnosed medical or mental health condition or disability that would have an impact on your accommodation, it is important that you let us know.

Accommodation to suit you

Our team will work with you to find you the right accommodation for your needs.

We can provide wheelchair accessible rooms, a studio with a kitchenette or an en suite. You can also request specific locations for your room, for example where it is in the building or how close it is to communal areas.

We can also provide a fridge for medication or a visual/vibrating fire alarm alerter.

Wheelchair accessible accommodation

Wheelchair accessible accommodation with en suite facilities:

Wheelchair accessible accommodation with shared accessible bathroom:

Typical facilities within these rooms may include:

  • extra floor space
  • grab rails
  • pull cords
  • pull down shower chair
  • wheelchair charging points
  • raised toilet seats

Making an application

First year students with a firm course offer

You need to submit an accommodation application through the accommodation portal.

Important information to follow when making your application:

  • you must select all the required number of accommodation preferences, this may mean you will have to apply for rooms that would not be suitable
  • you must select when prompted that you have a condition that would impact on your room allocation
  • you will need to complete the additional requirements form and then upload this to your accommodation portal account along with supporting medical evidence
  • the additional requirements form will allow you to provide us with specific information about your requirements and anything we need to consider when allocating your room.

It is important that you upload your additional requirements form by the guarantee deadline of 1st July.

First year insurance offer holders

If you require a specific room or facilities, it is important that we know this by 1st July. As an insurance offer holder you will be unable to access the accommodation portal to make an accommodation application. However, please fill in the additional requirements form for Insurance and Restarters and email to along with your supporting medical evidence.

We will then discuss your accommodation requirements and preferences with you and hold a suitable room for you in case you take up your place with us.

Restarters in suspense

If you are in suspense you will be unable to access the accommodation portal to make an accommodation application. However, please fill in the additional requirements form Insurance and restarters and email to along with your supporting medical evidence. We will then support you with your application.

Returning students

If you are a returning student and would like to be considered for University accommodation due to your medical, mental health condition or disability, you will need to go through our eligibility assessment process.

Please email to request the eligibility assessment form. You will need to fill in this form and return to us with your supporting medical evidence. This will then be assessed by the disability service team who will confirm whether or not you are eligible to apply for university accommodation.

This assessment process can take some time so it is very important that you complete this process in time to apply by 1st July to ensure we can accommodate your application and requirements.

We would advise returner eligibility assessment forms are completed by early February to ensure you have time to find private accommodation if you are not assessed as eligible for university accommodation.

Submitting supporting medical evidence

Your medical evidence must:

  • contain a diagnosis of all the conditions you are disclosing on your application
  • be no more than one year old, unless the condition is lifelong/chronic
  • signed by a doctor or other medical professional
  • printed on headed paper

We can’t accept medical evidence that:

  • has been provided by a family member
  • is submitted as an electronic document, like Microsoft Word

If you are an international student, we will accept medical evidence from a medical professional in your home country, However this must be written in English.

Things that are not an additional requirement and cannot be prioritised for a specific room type or facility:

  • Personal preferences which are not a requirement due to a medical, mental health condition or disability
  • En suite accommodation for religious or cultural reasons
  • En suite accommodation due to being female or under 18
  • Short term illnesses that the student will have recovered from before arriving at university.

Clearing or adjustment applications

Our waiting list opens in August. You should email your Additional Requirements Form and supporting evidence to as soon as you have a place with us.

At this stage we cannot guarantee you a room or to meet your specific room requirements, however we will consider your requirements as best as we can.


Accommodation Bursary

If you are eligible for the Accommodation Bursary, you could receive either £500 or £1,250 off your first year's university-owned accommodation costs.

Hardship fund

If you require en suite bathroom facilities or a self contained studio due to your condition but the additional cost of these rooms would put you in financial difficulty you can apply for the hardship fund to help with the difference in cost.

You can select this on the additional requirements form and we will then provide you with the application form to fill in and return to the student money advice service.

Speak to the team

Contact us if you have any questions or book an appointment to speak to a member of our team.