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Eastwood Green student accommodation

Eastwood Green is home to undergraduate students, living together in town houses on the east side of campus.

Welcome to Eastwood Green

Eastwood Green has 254 standard basic rooms of which some are shared rooms. Accommodation is predominantly town house style accommodation, and a small number of shared flats. Houses are shared by between 11 and 12 students, surrounded by green spaces, creating a homely feel and a friendly community. Eastwood Green is our affordable accommodation option, with shared rooms starting from £90 a week. To make you feel safe and at home, Eastwood has a secure living environment, with swipe card access to the buildings and flats and a dedicated operations team.

A bedroom in Eastwood Green

Key features of Eastwood Green

Just a few of the benefits of living here.

Accommodation Prices

Find out how much it costs to live in Eastwood Green and compare with our other undergraduate accommodation options.

Rooms in Eastwood Green cost between £90 and £156 per week. There are 254 rooms in Eastwood Green with 171 standard rooms.

Sharing a room is a great way to get a reduced price on your accommodation. There are 25 shared bedrooms in Eastwood Green priced at £90.

Getting to know your accommodation

Living in Eastwood Green gives you everything you need to work, relax and rest.

An Eastwood Green bedroom

Standard rooms have:

  • standard 91cm x 183cm single bed with reading light
  • wash basin (houses 1 to 19 only)

Standard shared rooms have:

  • two standard 91cm x 183cm single beds with reading lights
  • two desks, each with a chair and drawers
  • two wardrobes, each with a mirror
  • wash basin (houses 1 to 19 only)

All rooms have use of communal showers and toilets and a large communal kitchen, perfect for cooking meals and socialising with your flatmates.

Images show typical Eastwood Green rooms for illustrative purposes; individual accommodation may vary.

Floor plan

A typical floor plan for a standard bedroom in Eastwood Green with a washbasin. This is an example, not all bedrooms are exactly the same.

A floor plan for a standard bedroom in Eastwood Green with a washbasin

Room numbers

Each Eastwood Green house has three floors with 11 bedrooms in each accommodation. Your room details contain your house and room number. For example, the room number E19.05 means you are located in Eastwood house number 19, room five.

Accommodation for students with disabilities

There is no accessible accommodation for students with disabilities in the Eastwood complex.

Find out if you're eligible to apply for this accommodation

Apply to live in Eastwood Green


Speak to our ResLife team for further information, support and guidance.