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Student accommodation application terms and conditions

The terms and conditions contain information about applying for student accommodation for 2024/25. Read them before you make your application.

Terms And Conditions

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Approval date
06 Mar 2024
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Date of last review
06 Mar 2024
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06 Mar 2025

1. Applying for Accommodation

Applications for University accommodation are accepted on the basis that students are from an eligible group, detailed as follows for 2024/25 academic year:

  • New first years studying a full-time undergraduate course
  • New full-time Foundation Degree in Sports Performance (C601) students
  • New full-time MA Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters) students
  • New full-time overseas, fee-paying postgraduates
  • Returning students with specific medical conditions or disabilities who have been assessed as eligible to apply for university accommodation
  • Students leaving care provided by the State or other organisations
  • Students that are estranged, refugees or asylum seekers in receipt of a Sanctuary Scholarship
  • Exchange or visiting students nominated for student accommodation by the International Mobility team
  • Students attending a pre-sessional programme

Applications for our nomination accommodation are accepted on the basis that students are from an eligible group, detailed as follows for 2024/25 academic year:

  • New overseas, fee-paying postgraduates

New UK fee paying postgraduates

New UK fee paying postgraduates are eligible to apply for University managed accommodation and nomination accommodation . There is limited accommodation available to UK postgraduate students, these are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If availability runs out, you will remain on the waiting list. We will try to house as many UK postgraduate students as possible.

Non-eligible groups

If, during the application verification processes, an application is found from a non-eligible student, the application will be withdrawn, and confirmation will be sent to the student by email. Assistance can be provided in finding private sector housing by visiting our Private Sector Accommodation webpages.

1.2 When to apply

First year undergraduates

Applications are accepted after Bath is registered as your first choice through UCAS.

Those who have made Bath their insurance choice can only apply after they have changed Bath from insurance choice to first choice.

All other eligible groups

Applications are accepted after you have made a 'firm' acceptance of course offer with the University of Bath.

1.3 Guarantee deadline

Students from eligible groups need to have applied by the 1 July to be guaranteed a room in University accommodation or nomination accommodation.

Postgraduate Students applying before the 1 July must hold an ‘unconditional firm’ offer by the 31 August in order to be guaranteed accommodation. If your course status is still ‘conditional firm’ after 31 August, you are eligible to apply for our accommodation, but you are not guaranteed a place and the offer of such accommodation will be subject to availability, if and when your course status becomes ‘unconditional firm’.

There is limited accommodation available to UK postgraduate students, these are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If availability runs out, you will remain on the waiting list. We will try to house as many UK postgraduate students as possible.

Please note this is a guarantee of a room, not a specific type of room or location.

1.4 Applying with additional requirements

Students wishing to apply for accommodation based on disability, medical condition or additional support needs should complete an Additional Requirements application form and upload it in the account section of your accommodation portal.

Returning students Additional Requirements applications will be passed to our colleagues in the Student Support Team, where the Disability Services will evaluate the application for eligibility and inform ResLife of their decision to agree accommodation provision. Students who want to apply for returning accommodation must have emailed their additional requirements form to the ResLife team by the 31 January.

Once Student Support have approved the application then applications made on additional support needs will be given the highest priority for their room type preferences.

The guarantee date of 1 July still applies for additional requirements applications. We will still try to help as much as possible for applications received after 1 July, but finding available accommodation that is suitable may prove challenging. If you hold an insurance offer with us and have a condition that requires a specific type of room, you must download and email the form to before the 1 July.

We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for students to live in, whatever their choice of accommodation. We value diversity and inclusivity and want everyone to be treated with respect. Our ResLife team is available to help if you need any support with your application.

1.5 Assistance Animals

Students with a disability who utilise an approved assistance animal and who want to live in University accommodation must advise the ResLife Team as part of their additional requirements application.

Approved assistance dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs) are allowed into University accommodation under the control of their owner.

There is currently no recognised accreditation of emotional support animals. The University therefore reserves the right to refuse access to any animal at its discretion that is not accredited. However, in exceptional circumstances and when there is clear medical evidence, consideration will be given to requests by students to bring emotional support/ therapy animals to University. Any approval is at the University’s sole discretion. Consideration can only be given to animals that can be appropriately, safely and hygienically kept in a student’s bedroom. For further information contact

1.6 Applying for quiet accommodation

We offer some designated quiet accommodation subject to sufficient demand. Applicants for quiet accommodation do so on the basis they will need to show extra consideration to their flatmates and neighbours in keeping noise to a minimum wherever possible. Applicants who do not request quiet accommodation will not be assigned it.

For most of our accommodation it is expected that no noise or music should be heard in adjacent corridors or rooms after 11.30pm. However, for those assigned quiet accommodation it is expected that no noise or music should be heard in adjacent corridors or rooms after 10pm.

There is no guarantee in quiet accommodation that there will be no disturbance from external sources outside of our control, such as street noise.

Note - Residents using kitchens or bathrooms after 10pm should show special consideration to other students in the accommodation group who may be trying to sleep.

1.7 Applying for alcohol-free accommodation

We offer some designated alcohol-free flats/groups for new undergraduates, subject to sufficient demand. When living in an alcohol-free flat or group you, or your guests, are not permitted to keep, drink or bring alcohol into your accommodation. No applicant will be placed in alcohol-free accommodation if they have not applied for it.

1.8 Applying for mature student accommodation

New undergraduate applicants aged 21 years or above can apply for mature student accommodation. The provision of such accommodation groups or flats is subject to demand, whilst every effort will be made to fulfil such a request, we cannot guarantee there will be no students younger than 21 living around you.

1.9 Applying for Single Sex accommodation

We offer single sex flats for students who do not wish to live in a mixed sex environment. Students living in single sex accommodation can have visitors of the opposite sex in their accommodation, but must show particular consideration to and be sensitive to their flatmates. In addition, University staff or contractors of either sex may enter the accommodation from time to time.

1.10 Applying for LGBTQ+ accommodation

Our LGBTQ+ accommodation provision is open to people of all genders, and is exclusively for those who identify as LGBTQ+. You can select the option regardless of which gender identity/identities you hold and can expect to live with students of other gender identities that fall under LGBTQ+. If you wish to live in single sex accommodation, then please select that option when applying rather than LGBTQ+.

1.11 Applying for couple accommodation

For students attending accommodation with a partner, details will need to be provided of the second occupant. At least one of the occupants must be a student eligible for University of Bath accommodation.

1.12 Applying after the guarantee date

Accommodation applications received after the 1 July are accepted on a non-guaranteed basis.

Whilst we cannot guarantee a room in University accommodation for applications made post guarantee applicants we make every effort to place you in our accommodation. This could be an offer of a temporary shared accommodation so that you are able to attend the University whilst we work with you to find a suitable permanent room.

2. Room Allocations

2.1 Room allocation procedure

We only allocate rooms after an applicant’s course offer changes to unconditional firm.

Rooms will be allocated randomly by the accommodation database according to course offer status, room type preference and group gender preference.

Our accommodation is located on campus and in and around the city centre.

Some accommodation/room types/locations are oversubscribed which means we cannot allocate everyone a place in one of their preferred accommodation options.

Applicants should try to manage their expectations accordingly.


Postgraduate allocations are completed when an applicant’s course offer changes to unconditional firm. Offers for postgraduate accommodation are sent out weekly on a Wednesday following the course offer changing to unconditional firm. Offers are sent to the applicants registered email address.

First year undergraduates and all other eligible groups

When allocating undergraduate rooms, priority is not given to the date and time that students submit their accommodation application. First year undergraduate room offers will be sent after the guarantee deadline of 1 July, and only once your course offer becomes unconditional firm.

All first-year undergraduate students whose course status changes to unconditional firm prior to the 5 August will receive their offer up to and including the 8 August.

The majority of first year undergraduates allocations are completed after A level results. For these students, room offers will be sent out on Wednesday 28 August. All first year undergraduates eligible for guaranteed accommodation will receive an offer of accommodation on this date subject to meeting the eligibility criteria.

Undergraduate waiting list allocations will take place from the 28 August, as and when a suitable room becomes available.

2.2 Delays affecting your offer of accommodation

Delays to your offer becoming unconditional firm will likely affect your chances of getting your preferred room. Delays can include things like not achieving your offer grades and going through an appeal process.

If you are delayed, you can still get a room in University accommodation if you submit your application before the guarantee deadline. You will need to contact us to inform us of the delay, otherwise your accommodation applications may be withdrawn.

2.3 Offering you a room

University Accommodation

The date/day upon which you may receive an offer or University accommodation will depend on your student type and offer guarantee status.

The details of your offer date will be included in the email you receive once you submit your application.

Accepting our offer of accommodation

If you are offered accommodation, you will receive an email inviting you to login to the Accommodation Portal to view and accept your offer. The email and offer will confirm the date by which you need to accept or decline your offer. The deadline is usually within four days of your offer date. If you miss the deadline, your offer will expire, and your room will be allocated to another student. Once your offer has expired you will need to contact us if you still require accommodation, and you will be placed on the waiting list, in which case you will only be assigned a room subject to availability.

If you wish to secure a room in our accommodation, you must accept your offer and move into the accommodation. We are unable to process any room changes once a room has been allocated. If you are unhappy with your room allocation, you will then be eligible to apply for a room transfer from October 2024. Before the room transfer applications open, the ResLife team can offer support with any concerns or worries that you may have.

If your offer of accommodation is not suitable for you, because of your personal or health considerations or disability needs, you are advised to contact us and we will endeavour to help you, but we cannot guarantee that your preferred room will be available. You will be required to provide medical evidence in support of any medical conditions that impact on your choice of accommodation.

Your accommodation offer will include all the information about your contract with Us. You will need to read the offer of accommodation carefully and make sure it is suitable for your needs.

If you no longer require the accommodation we offer you, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can re-allocate the room to another student.

In order to confirm the room allocation, postgraduates and returning Undergraduates are required to make an advanced rent payment of £500 when they accept their accommodation contract. More information about this payment can be found in section 1.3 of the Student Accommodation Terms and Conditions.

Rejecting our offer of accommodation

If you reject your accommodation offer you will not be given an alternative offer and you will need to look for accommodation in the private sector.

Temporary shared accommodation

Whilst We will make every effort to place You in our accommodation, this could be an offer of temporary shared accommodation so that You are able to attend the University, whilst we work with You to find a suitable permanent room in our accommodation. Once a room becomes available in our accommodation You will be contacted with arrangements to move into your permanent accommodation. This will be an offer of a room in any of our accommodation blocks, located in the city or on campus. You must accept the room as per 2.3, and move into the accommodation. If required You will then be eligible to apply for a room transfer from October 2024. Before the room transfer applications open, the ResLife team can offer support with any concerns or worries that you may have.

There is no option to remain in Temporary Shared accommodation beyond the date your permanent room becomes available.

Non University of Bath Managed Accommodation

These buildings are secured on a nomination agreement with the University of Bath for use by our students:

The ResLife Team at the University of Bath will decide allocations, and then inform the nominations accommodation management of the details. At this point they will contact students directly with room offer details and a room contract.

The individual management team for each building will then be your first point of contact for any queries you may have.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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