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Polden student accommodation

Polden provides modern accommodation for both undergraduate and postgraduate students on the West side of campus.

Welcome to Polden

Polden is located on the quiet, far West side of our Claverton Down campus.

It is home to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Living in Polden means you are a short walk away from all the teaching spaces, as well as the cafes, shops and the Students' Union.

Eight students share each flat, with a large communal kitchen and dining area, perfect for cooking meals and socialising.

To make you feel safe and at home, Polden has a secure living environment, with swipe card access to the buildings and flats.

There is also a dedicated accommodation Security team available to help you 24 hours a day.

Outside Polden

Key features of Polden include:

Just a few of the benefits of living here.

Accommodation prices

See how much it costs to live in Polden and compare this with our other postgraduate accommodation options.

There are 293 rooms in Polden.

290 of these are en-suite rooms priced at £271.

The other three studio rooms are between £289 and £341.

Getting to know your accommodation

Living in Polden gives you everything you need to work, rest and relax.

Polden bedroom

Bedrooms have:

  • a small 122cm x 190cm double bed
  • a mattress protector
  • your own en-suite shower, toilet and washbasin
  • USB charging
  • a communal kitchen, perfect for cooking meals and socialising with your flatmates.

Room numbers

Polden is split into four blocks, each with four floors. Your room details contain your block, floor and room number. For example, the room number POA2.1 means you are located in Polden, block A, second floor, room one.

Accommodation for students with a diagnosed medical condition or disability

There are two accessible studio flats for students with disabilities in Polden. They are located on the ground floor, with kitchenettes and accessible ensuite bathrooms with grab rails.

Find out if you're eligible to apply for this accommodation.

Apply to live in Polden


Speak to our ResLife team for further information, support and guidance.