This document sets out the conditions applicable to the payment of all Course/Unit related Fees by or on behalf of Students in respect of the Online Masters postgraduate taught courses. For 2020-21 and 2021-22 these are the following courses:

  • MSc Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets)
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc Business Analytics

Fee levels (including Tuition Fees) are reviewed and revised by the University on an annual basis. For Online Masters Programmes, Fee levels are approved in June each year for the following January, April/May and August/September intakes. Details of Fee levels are published on the relevant pages of the University’s website and notified to students through the relevant communication channels. Discounts are available to alumni and staff. These are the standard discounts for other postgraduate taught courses.

1. Definitions

In these Fee Payment Conditions the following words and phrases have the meanings indicated:

  • “Student(s)” means those students enrolled on the Online Masters courses listed above
  • “Course” means the course of study or programme on which the Student enrols at the University
  • “Unit” means the online module of study on which the Student enrols at the University. A Course consists of a collection of Units
  • “Fee(s)” means the amount payable by the Student to the University (which shall include one or both of the following: Tuition Fees, Repeat Fee)
  • “Tuition Fee(s)” means the Fee payable by the Student in respect of the Unit or Course provided to the Student by the University
  • “Repeat Fee” means the Fee charged to the Student where they are required to repeat a Unit

2. Liability for payment of fees


It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure that any and all Fees payable by the Student to the University are paid at the appropriate time.


Irrespective of the willingness of any third party to pay Fees on behalf of the Student, legal responsibility for payment of any and all Fees shall always remain with the Student.


Students can pay for one Unit at a time, paid in advance.


Students must ensure that, at least 7 days before the Scheduled Commencement Date of their Unit, they pay the Tuition Fee for the Unit in full.


Payment is accepted by credit/debit card, using the link provided by the University.


Students who fail a Unit and the subsequent re-assessment may be required to repeat that Unit. Where this is a decision of the Board of Studies, the Student will be required to pay a Repeat Fee to enable them to repeat the Unit.

3. Payment by third parties


A Student’s Fees can be paid by another person (including parent, employer). However, the legal liability for payment of the Fees will always remain with the Student. Where a Fee payment is made by a third party this shall not constitute nor be deemed to create any form of binding contract between the University and that third party.


A parent or other third party shall have no right to demand a refund from the University of any Fee payment already made by them on behalf of a Student. Refund arrangements are covered in the ‘Fee Refunds’ section below.

4. Implications of non-payment


Payment of the Tuition Fee must be completed 7 days prior to the Scheduled Commencement Date of the Unit. Irrespective of any other remedies or actions that might be available to the University, a Student who has failed to pay any Tuition Fee (or other Fees) by the Scheduled Commencement Date will not be eligible to access the online learning materials for the Unit in question or the Course. In addition, the University reserves the right to deny access to any services, facilities or activities while the Tuition Fee (or other Fees) remain outstanding.

5.Fee refunds


Tuition fee refunds

Withdrawal date Tuition fee due
7 days or less after the Scheduled Start Date of the Unit No Tuition Fee will be payable for that Unit, the Tuition Fee paid will be refunded
More than 7 days after the Scheduled Start Date of the Unit Full Tuition Fee for that Unit will be payable and no refund will be provided


Where a Student has paid the Tuition Fee and withdraws 7 days or less from the scheduled start date of the Unit, the Student would be entitled to a refund of the Tuition Fee amount paid for that Unit. Refund requests must be made in writing to the Student Support Co-ordinator, prior to day 8 of the Unit.


The Student will only be fee liable for Units in which they remain enrolled beyond day 7 of the scheduled start date of the Unit(s). The Student will not be liable for fees for future Units that have not yet started should they choose to withdraw from those and notify the Student Support Co-ordinator in line with 5.2 above.

6. Data protection


Personal information collected by the University during the payment process will be used for the purposes of payment processing. It will also be used for students in line with the Student Data Protection Notice which forms part of the Terms and Conditions.