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University of Bath Interfaith Forum (UBIF)

A public forum for those of different faiths to develop understanding of each other and be seen to stand together


The University of Bath Interfaith Forum is a public forum open to staff & students for those of different faiths to develop understanding of each other and be seen to stand together. Please visit our Facebook page or the Chaplaincy YouTube channel to access the latest meetings:



  • Using Faith Writings to Feed our Spirits: Topics include light, hope, anxiety and helping each other
  • Happiness webinar – How do we find happiness just now? A dialogue for staff and students with guest speakers from different faith perspectives.

If you would like more information about UBIF, to join in the discussions or be added to the subscriber list for future events, please email Nigel Rawlinson at


In 2017, Nigel Rawlinson and Mohammad Lone recognised the need to build interfaith understanding on the University campus. The day after the Westminster terrorist attack, they both intentionally met in 4 West. The news was still unfolding, and they wanted to be seen to stand together in public. This terrible event escalated a need to develop a tangible means of facilitating understanding and respect in a pro-active way, and the University of Bath Interfaith Forum was born. UBIF’s inaugural meeting was on 26 April 2017, and, until the pandemic, founder members met in the Lime Tree on campus to debate, offer support and be seen together.

Ground rules

  • Friendship
  • Desire to find common ground, for the common good
  • Desire to build understanding
  • Desire to be seen together
  • Desire to establish a reputation in the community.
  • Desire to avoid extremism in any faith tradition
  • Desire to avoid any other divisive talk
  • Those who come declare by their presence their wish to be seen and engaged. There is no pressure to speak though.

Founder members group

  • Nigel Rawlinson - University Chaplain
  • Mohammad Lone, Muhammad Mehmood - University Islamic Society
  • Yukteshwar Kumar - Hindu
  • Rabbi Mendy - University Jewish Society


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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