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The Uni of Bath Interfaith Community empowers students & staff to engage in conversations between faiths which build religious literacy, appreciation & respect.

Join the Interfaith Community

Find out how to get involved, where to find interfaith events and content and what student faith societies are available.

Faith Societies

The Chaplaincy offers a meeting place and base for university societies representing many denominations and faiths.

National Interfaith Week

This year, the Bath University Interfaith Community, hosted by the Chaplaincy, has put together a series of events to celebrate National Interfaith Week 2022.

Interfaith Dialogue

Members of the Bath University Interfaith Community discussed the importance of interfaith dialogue & the imperative to live in a world which is open to others.

About the University of Bath Interfaith Community

The University of Bath Interfaith Community is made up of chaplains, staff, students and local faith leaders and is built on the following 'ground rules': Friendship, desire to find common ground, for the common good, desire to build understanding, desire to be seen together, desire to establish a reputation in the community, desire to avoid extremism in any faith tradition, desire to avoid any other divisive talk, those who come declare by their presence their agreement.

Contact the Interfaith Community

Nigel Rawlinson, the chaplain, is available Monday to Thursday between 8.30 am and at least 5.00 pm. Friday is his day off.