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Faith Societies

The Chaplaincy offers a meeting place and base for university societies representing many denominations and faiths.

Societies with their own sites

Some societies have their own websites with more information about the society, how you can join, and what activities are coming up. Click one to go to its website.


CathSoc logo

The Catholic student society, part of the Bath University Students' Union

Christian Union (BUCU)

Bath University Christian Union

A non-SU union of 130 students aiming to know Christ and make Christ known via weekly main meetings, prayer meetings, evangelistic talks and Bible groups.

Jewish Society

Jewish Society logo

The Jewish Society runs events throughout the year and is the place to get involved, get to know our community and find your Jewish home away from home.

More societies

These societies have information on pages on the University website. Click one to go to its information page.

Bath Christians in Sport group

Christians in Sport logo

Christians in Sport meet on campus to encourage one another, pray together and equip ourselves to make Jesus known in our sports teams and clubs.

Orthodox Student Society

Orthodox Students Society

A place where you can meet students from many different countries, who bring with them a deep cultural and spiritual heritage.

Hindu Society

The Bath Hindu Society is here to offer you a vibrant and inclusive platform to explore the rich tapestry of Hinduism and embrace diversity on campus.