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Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards for Public Engagement

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards is a biennial celebration of engagement run by the Public Engagement Unit


Award winners holding their awards standing in front of a banner that says Public Engagement at Bath
Winners of the 2019 Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards

Established in 2013 and run by the Public Engagement Unit, the Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards aims to reward and celebrate the work of colleagues from across the University of Bath who engage non-academic audiences with their research.

Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards

Five award categories make up the Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards:

Informing - for projects that have successfully shared research with public groups outside academia.

Listening - for projects which listen and respond to public groups' needs, knowledge and experience.

Working Together - for projects that have worked collaboratively with people and public groups.

Local and Civic Engagement - for projects, teams and individuals that have made outstanding civic contributions on behalf of the University through engaging with local civil society organisations, community groups, residents and charities.

Leadership - for an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the culture of public engagement across their research centre/institute/department/broader research community.

Public Engagement Showcase

As well as the Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards we also want to celebrate the diversity of public engagement activities that are happening across the University of Bath. During the Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards ceremony we host the Public Engagement Showcase, where researchers can share their public engagement work through posters and demonstrations of activities with invited guests, external partners and colleagues attending the ceremony. The Showcase is free to attend for everyone across the University.

Nomination process

We invite self-nomination to the categories of the Awards. Full details of the process are outlined in the Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards 2023 nomination guide.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards are run biennially, and the next Awards will be hosted in 2025. Nominations for the Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards 2025 is scheduled to open in Spring 2025.

Previous winners

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards, previously the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Public Engagement with Research, have been running since 2013. Find out more about previous award winners.

Highlights from 2019 Awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards and Showcase


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