University of Bath

Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment - Energy efficiency

A discussion on the types of opportunities that exist in energy efficiency including an analysis of current trends an the UK's strategy.

21 Feb 20174.30pm
21 Feb 20175.45pm

Energy efficiency has been a key part of the UK’s strategy to meet our greenhouse gas commitments as well as supporting the government’s approach to tackle the well-publicised “energy trilemma”. However, the uptake of energy efficiency whilst an improving trend, represents a fraction of the market potential, with a further £4 billion of saving still on offer.

Andrew Todd will discuss the types of opportunities that exist drawing on real life examples from breweries to commercial real estate. He will then explore the barriers that prevent these savings being realised and give his view on some of the current trends in energy efficiency and where these could take us.

You are welcome to join us for prior discussions and afternoon tea in the Wessex Restaurant at 4pm to 4.25pm

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