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Accessing your University email and calendar

Different ways that you can access and install your email and calendar on various devices.

Access through a web browser

Outlook Web App (OWA) is the simplest way you can access your University email and calendar, using your web browser on any device.

  1. Log into OWA.
  2. Enter your University username, like abc123, and password. Your username is on your library card.

Access through Outlook

You can install Outlook on most devices, including your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

Outlook gives you quick access to your email and calendar without logging in every time, with a similar look and feel on every device.

Windows and Mac laptop and desktop

On a University computer

If you are using a University computer, Outlook should already be installed. You may need to enter your password the first time you use it. The full Outlook application is not available on public access computers, and you should use the Outlook Web App to access your email on these devices.

On your personal Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer

You can install Office 365 for free. You can use this throughout your time at the University.

When you have installed it, open Outlook and enter your University email address, like, and password.

iOS and Android mobile devices

You can install Outlook apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet:

After installing the app, enter your University email address, like, and password.

If you are prompted, add the server name,

Access through other clients

There are alternative clients for accessing your email and calendar, however, Outlook is the client that we support. Here are number of options:

When you set up your email account, make sure you:

  • select "Exchange" as the account type
  • enter your University email address, for example
  • enter your University password

During setup, you may need to accept the 'ActiveSync' security settings for your device. Find out about our policy.

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