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Appeal against a decision about an assessment offence

How you can appeal against the outcome of the investigation into an assessment offence and academic misconduct

Assessment Offences

"Assessment Offences” are a broad term covering a range of offences of academic misconduct, including offences in relation to coursework and group work (such as plagiarism, collusion and falsification of data) and offences in relation to examinations (such as use of unauthorised materials and notes or copying the work of another student).

Investigations and outcomes

The University’s procedures covering the investigation of allegations of academic misconduct by taught and research students are laid out in full in Quality Assurance Statement 53 (QA 53). The potential penalties for academic misconduct are detailed in Appendix 2 of QA53.

If you need independent advice in relation to an academic misconduct allegation, you can contact the Students' Union Advice and Support centre.

Appeal process

You have the right to appeal against the outcome of the investigation. The processes and contacts for your appeal differ according to the level at which the investigation outcome was determined. You should refer to QA53 for more detail. Your outcome letter will also describe how you can make an appeal.

All appeals must normally be submitted within 14 calendar days of written notification of the outcome of the investigation. If you need independent advice in relation to an appeal, you can contact the Advice and Support centre.

The University’s internal procedures will be completed once an appeal decision is reached. If you then wish to take your appeal further, you can do so through the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA).

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