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Appealing a grading review outcome

How to appeal your job evaluation outcome.

Request for appeal

An appeal request should be made in writing to the Deputy Director of Human Resources within 10 working days of the date specified on the grading review outcome letter.

The Deputy Director of Human Resources will advise the job holder and line manager of the date of the next available appeals panel date.

An appeal form will be issued to the appellant for completion. The appellant will be asked to state the grounds on which they wish to appeal, and provide information to support this. The appeal form must be completed and returned to the Deputy Director of Human Resources within 20 working days of date of issue.

Job grading appeals panel

The appeal will be considered by a panel consisting of three people:

  • the Deputy Director of Human Resources or nominee (Chair)
  • a senior member of University staff from a different department or Faculty or School from that of the appellant
  • a trade union representative

A trained and experienced HERA analyst will be available to provide technical guidance to the panel.

Grounds for appeal

An appeal may be lodged only on the following specified grounds. Please note, disagreeing with the panel’s decision is not a sufficient ground in itself.

Grounds Document to include with the appeal
Incorrect or incomplete information was submitted to the panel. A revised and accurate job description, and a supporting statement clearly stating the specific differences from the original form, and why the original submission was incorrect or incomplete.
Other relevant information has come to light that is likely to affect the grading decision. A statement clearly stating what the relevant information is, and how it has a material effect on the grading of the job.
The evaluation panel failed to follow its stated procedure in a way that was potentially material to the grading decision. A statement clearly stating how the process was not followed and affected the grading of the job.

Should the responsibilities or demands of the job have changed following the submission of a grading review request, this information will be considered at a future grading review round, not via the appeals process.

In considering the appeal, the Appeal Panel will review the written submission from the appellant, and may request further information from either the appellant or the Grading Review Panel. The Appeal Panel may also request relevant parties to attend a hearing.


The possible outcomes of an appeal are:

  • the original grading outcome is confirmed

  • the job is referred back to the Job Grading Review Panel for re-consideration if it considered that the process leading to the grading has been flawed, and has impacted on the grading decision reached.

The Chair of the Job Grading Appeals Panel will inform the appellant in writing of the panel decision within five working days.

The decision of the Job Grading Appeals Panel and any subsequent Job Grading Review Panel is final.

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