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Applying for a Title IV Direct Loan

Eligibility information and how to apply for a Title IV Direct Loan for students from the USA.

Eligibility for Title IV Direct loans

You must meet the general eligibility criteria to be able to apply for Title IV loans. You can find comprehensive information about eligibility and applying for Title IV Direct loans on our Title IV loans student information guidance page.

You cannot apply for a Title IV loan to study at Bath if:

  • you are studying the MA Contemporary European Studies ('Euromasters' and 'Euromasters with Trans-Atlantic track') or the MBA Executive course
  • you are studying any course where the University is not able to sponsor you on a Tier 4 student visa programme
  • you are studying on a distance learning course
  • your course is considered as attending less than half time (as per Title IV Direct loans rules)

New regulations from the US Department of Education now allows students receiving U.S. loans to take up to 25 percent of their program of study in the United States or at institutions outside the U.S. that are not themselves participating in the U.S. Direct Loan Program without losing eligibility for U.S. Direct Loans. This regulation will come into place for the 2021/22 academic year for students coming to Bath.

However, you should ask us for advice if any part of your course has a placement or period away from the University, so we can check to ensure that your eligibility for Title IV Direct Loans will not be affected. You should also keep us informed of any changes you make during your studies at Bath.

How to apply for Title IV Direct loans

Please refer to the points listed below which gives you information about the steps you must take for your Title IV loans application. You will need to apply for loans on an annual basis if you require them in future years of study. We would recommend that you look at our Title IV loans student information guidance.

  • We are required by the US Department of Education to direct you to read and refer to our consumer disclosure information on student regulations and other university policies. This includes information about General Data Protection Regulations (UK version of FERPA).
  • We are bound by the Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR 668.24) on how we must maintain data and records of loan borrowers, including the provision of data requests from relevant US government departments, lenders or guaranty agencies.
  • You will need to complete a Cost of Attendance calculator spreadsheet before we can start to process your application. You must tell us about any other funding you will receive e.g. scholarships or veterans funding, even if you are awaiting the outcome of an application.
  • Apply online for a Federal Student Aid PIN so you can complete your student loans application (FAFSA).
  • Our Federal school code is G11679 and our OPEID is 01167900
  • If you are male you must be registered for Selective Service before your 26th birthday. It is your responsibility to provide us with evidence if you are exempt or became and eligible citizen after your 26th birthday.
  • US regulations state you must have achieved a High School Diploma (or equivalent) to access Title IV loans, we may ask for a copy of this certificate.
  • Complete a Master Promissory Note (eMPN) for each loan type you are taking out. This is a legal document that explains the terms and conditions of your loans and through which you promise to repay your loans.
  • You must complete Entrance Counselling for each loan type you are taking out.
  • If applying for a PLUS loan (Graduate or Parent) then you, your endorser or your parent(s) must also pass a credit check as part of the loan application. If you/they have an adverse credit history then you may not be eligible to apply for a PLUS loan.
  • We strongly advise that you use the repayment estimator to help you calculate your repayment options against your future salary expectations. This will help you plan your borrowing and repayments to avoid problems in the future and minimise defaulting on your loans.
  • You can find out about estimated salaries by occupation in the USA from the US Department of Labour.

If you return your Cost of attendance to us, have completed the steps outlined as above and sent us any other supporting documents, as appropriate, in good time then we will:

  • have your loans set up by mid-June
  • send you a funding evidence letter by mid-July for your Tier 4 student visa application

If you apply late, do not respond to emails or if the US loans online systems are not available for processing, these timescales may change.

What happens next and receiving your loans

When you arrive

  • You must register as a student of the University. The University‚Äôs Student Records Office will send you an email telling you when you can do this.
  • When you get here, you must attend any sessions where you are required to submit any documents for verification such as your passport, visa and evidence of qualifications. You will receive notification of these sessions via Application Tracker. You can also find information on the induction web pages for undergraduates and taught postgraduates and research postgraduates.

Failure to complete any mandatory induction sessions will delay the first payment of your student loans. We will not authorise the release of the first instalment until you are fully registered.

During your studies

Title IV Direct loan regulations state that during your studies to maintain eligibility you must:

  • maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • be studying at least on a half time or more basis
  • keep us informed of any changes you make to your studies
  • we will report your enrolment status via NSLDS
  • not take any part of your studies in the USA
  • discuss with us to check that any study abroad placement periods, as appropriate, are not at a non-eligible foreign university
  • not violate any federal compliance regulations, such as repayment default, fraud or drug offences
  • if you are no longer eligible to receive loans during a loan year we will carry out a Return of Title IV loans calculation

Receiving your funds - disbursements

Title IV Direct Loans are paid to the University at the start of each payment period. Payments will be credited against your tuition fees and university accommodation costs as per the dates listed below. You will not receive the payment on these dates, this is the date we will credit your tuition/university owned accommodation fees, as appropriate.

If the loans funds for each payment period do not cover the tuition or university accommodation fees due for that period then the Student Finance/Accommodation Office will invoice you for the balance due. All invoices have a 14 day payment deadline.

If there are any credit of funds due to be paid to you this will normally be within seven working days of the dates as listed below:

Undergraduate disbursement dates for 2021/22

  • 13 October 2021
  • 9 February 2022

Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Disbursement Dates for 2021/22

  • 13 October 2021
  • 9 February 2022
  • 15 June 2022

PhD/Doctoral Disbursement Dates for 2021/22

  • 13 October 2021
  • 6 April 2022

Integrated PhD students will follow the PGT disbursement dates in their first year while undertaking taught units.

At the end of your studies

  • As a condition of your loan terms, you need to complete Direct Loan Exit Counselling when your programme of study is coming to an end.

  • We will ask you to complete a contact details form so you can update us about any changes to your home address, future employer details or contact details for your loan references. We will use this information to update the National Student Loans Data Systems (NSLDS).

  • You must ensure that you keep in contact with your loan servicer and ensure that you make loan repayments when they are due. Contact your loan servicer if you experience any difficulties in making your loan repayments. Students who default on their loans can impact on our participation in Title IV loans and being able to provide loans for other students in the future.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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