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Capped units for 2024/25

This webpage contains information about capped units. These are units which have a fixed number of places available on them via SAMIS unit selection.

Before looking at the information on this page about capped units, please read our guides Choosing your units online and Help with Choosing Your Units.

About capped units

All year-long and semester 1 units are "capped". Capped units are units where there are a limited number of places available, and places are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

When there are no more places left, and capped units become full, we'll list them below.

If you attempt to choose a unit where no more spaces are available, you will receive an error message informing you that the unit is full. If you wish to be added to the waiting list for that unit please follow the instructions provided in the error message.

If you have chosen a capped unit as one of your optional units, but now wish to change your choices – please do not undo your choices, as you will lose your place on the capped unit. Instead, please contact Academic Registry.

Capped Units for 2024/25

As units become full their status will be updated.

Department Unit Code Unit Name Status
Chemistry CH30224 Physical chemistry of food science Space
Chemistry CH30241 Engaging the public in chemistry research Space
Computer Science CM30173 Cryptography Space
Education ED30005 Science education in practice Space
Education ED30006 Issues in science education Space
Management MN30039 Employment law Full (Semester 1) - Spaces available for Semester 2
Management MN30222 Innovation, industrialisation & international competitiveness Space
Management MN30575 Entrepreneurship and innovation Space
Management MN30632 Entrepreneurship project Full
Management MN30748 Negotiation Full
Management MN30779 Entrepreneurship and innovation Space
Physics PH30056 Computational physics B Space
Physics PH30089 MPhys/MSci laboratory (6 credit) Space
Physics PH30099 Communicating physics project Space
Physics PH30116 Data analysis and research methods for observational astronomy Full
Life Sciences SL30059 Engaging the public with drug discovery research Space
Life Sciences SL40100 Engaging the public with drug discovery research Space
Social & Policy Sciences SP30118 Power in society Full
Social & Policy Sciences SP30161 Sociology of death Full
Social & Policy Sciences SP30276 Gender, sexuality, science, and technology Full
Social & Policy Sciences SP30278 Development finance Full
Social & Policy Sciences SP30286 Policy evaluation Space
Social & Policy Sciences SP30302 Crime and the Media Full
Social & Policy Sciences SP30361 Border criminology Full
Social & Policy Sciences SP30362 Policing Space
Social & Policy Sciences SP30363 Incarceration Space
Social & Policy Sciences SP30364 Death in the criminal justice system Space
Natural Sciences XX30253 Vertically integrated project (12 credits) Space

Further Support

If you have further questions about capped units, you should contact Academic Registry's Registration team or speak to your Director of Studies/Director of Teaching.

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