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Change your name, gender and pronouns as a current student

How to change your student record to reflect a change in your identity, and what will happen next.

You can make changes to the data that we hold about your identity including your name, gender, title and the pronouns you use. Please follow the guidance on this page to make changes yourself, or to request that we change your details.

If you are a graduate, please read our guide to changing your details.

Preferred first name (‘known as’), title and pronouns

You can tell us if there is a first name you wish us to use for day-to-day activities that is not the same as your legal name. We call this your ‘known as’ first name, and we normally use this first name on class-lists and reports.

Changing your ‘known as’ first name does not change the name we use for you in formal documents, such as your degree certificate – this must be the same as your legal name. If you need to change your formal, legal name please follow the steps on this page to change your legal name.

You can update ‘known as’ first name, ‘title’ and your pronouns yourself using SAMIS on the web by selecting Student Home and Check Personal Details. We don’t need any evidence, although in some instances we might contact you to confirm the change you have asked for.

Legal name (degree certificates, transcripts, formal letters)

If you wish to change the formal, legal name held by the University please email Academic Registry, from your University email account providing the name currently on your record, your student number, the legal name you now wish to use, and any change to your ‘known as’ name.

You will also need to provide a copy of evidence that confirms your new legal name. Accepted evidence includes:

  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Deed poll (or change of name deed)
  • Birth certificate
  • Gender recognition certificate
  • Statutory declaration
  • Affidavit
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Divorce papers (accompanied by signed documentation that confirms you have change your name)

If you are unable to provide evidence to support the change of your legal name, we will contact you to discuss your circumstances and agree how best to support you.


We are asked to store details of your affirmed gender (the gender you identify with) and the gender assigned to you at birth by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA). This information was first provided by you when you applied to Bath.

You can update the gender assigned to you at birth, and your affirmed gender by logging into SAMIS on the web, selecting Student Home and Check Personal Details. While we do not need any evidence, if you are studying at Bath on a student/Tier 4 visa, Student Immigration Service may contact you for verification purposes.

Changing your details because you are transitioning (or plan to)

If you inform us that you have (or plan to) permanently change your gender, we will work with you to remove all data on your old gender and/or previous names if you ask us to. To do this, please email the Director of Academic Registry, ideally from your University email account with details of your previous name and student username (so we can match your request to our records).

It would be helpful if you could share with us copies of any evidence that will help us process your request, such as evidence that we can use to link to your old and new details. If you don’t have any specific evidence, we will ask you to confirm in writing that you are changing your gender permanently.

You may also find it helpful to read our guides on how we can support you if you are a trans student or are coming out as trans.

What happens next, and updating other University systems

Once the University has updated your main student record in SAMIS, it may take a little time for the change to filter to other University systems that use your student record data. For most systems this will be within a few days, but some make take a while longer if the system isn’t automatically updated.

We are working to improve the time it takes to update these systems and appreciate your patience in the interim. If there is any sensitivity relating to the timings of the changes, or you experience any difficulties please email Academic Registry, for advice.

Systems you will need to separately update


This system does not currently automatically update your name. Please follow the guidance provided in the video, 'Edit Moodle profile and manage notifications' as part of the Student Quick Guide to Using Moodle.

Your IT username

The University does not automatically amend the characters in your user logins to reflect a change of name. Please email to request this.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams does not automatically add or update your pronoun data. Please click on the link for guidance on how to add or change your pronouns on Microsoft Teams. Sharing your pronouns in Teams

Your name in Microsoft Teams will automatically be updated if you change your ‘known as’ first name on SAMIS on the web or change your legal name.

Your HR record (if you also work for the University)

SAMIS does not record if you are also a member of staff at the University and you will have a separate employee record on iTrent (the HR database). If you wish to update your name or other personal information on iTrent, please contact the HR Operations Team at

University Medical and Dental Centres

These services are provided by the NHS and are not linked to your student record. You will need to update your details directly with the University Medical Centre and University Dental Centre.

Update your library card & record to show your new details

Your library card and record shows your formal first name and pronouns. If you have changed your formal name or pronouns details, the Library can update your library record & reissue your card to reflect your new details free of charge. Please contact the Library for further details on how to get a new library card.

Data confidentiality

Please note that all data held by the University of Bath in connection with any change of name will be treated in confidence and will never be disclosed to a third party without your permission.

Any problems

We are currently developing our approach to how we store and use your name information across the University. If you have any questions or have found changes have not been made as you expected (and as set out on this page), please contact Academic Registry,

Please note, you can also update your contact and home address at any time.

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