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Courses and workshops for better mental health

Our range of courses and one-off workshops to help you manage and overcome common mental health problems and boost your wellbeing

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Join other Bath students on one of our courses or workshops and learn practical ways of improving your wellbeing

Anxiety Aid

Anxiety Aid is a five-week course that will help you understand and reduce anxiety.

  • Identify what makes you anxious and what keeps anxiety going.
  • Learn how to calm your nervous system and deal with unhelpful thoughts.
  • Try out techniques to help you do difficult things even with some anxious feelings.

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How to Have a Good Day

Mired in low mood? Life flat and colourless? This online course could help you recover your vitality.

  • Start enjoying life again.
  • Connect better with others.
  • Build lasting wellbeing and resilience.

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Moving on After Trauma

If you're suffering as a result of trauma, we may suggest you take part in our Moving On After Trauma course.

  • Understand the impact of trauma on the brain and body.
  • Learn practical, evidence-based tools and techniques to reduce the symptoms of traumatisation.
  • Improve your self-care.

Find out more about Moving On After Trauma

Mindfulness for Life

Mindfulness for Life is a course for students wishing to learn mindfulness skills for navigating life's challenges.

  • Cope better with stress, anxiety, low mood and other challenges
  • Cultivate calm in a frantic world
  • Be more present and connected

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