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Directors of Studies Forum

Information about the DoS (Taught programmes) & DoT Forum and resources for both groups of academic staff.

Members and contact details

The DoS (Taught programmes) & DoT Forum run by and for DoS and DoTs of both undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes. The forum enables more effective communication between DoS and DoTs as well as with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), and the Vice-President (Student Experience) on learning, teaching, experience and related topics , considers proposals for strategic change, and shares best practice.

The forum is chaired by the member of the Planning Group, in 2019/20 this is Professor Richard Joiner, Department of Psychology, and is attended by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), and the Vice-President (Student Experience)

For any questions about the forum, please contact Shaun Stephenson-McGall, Student Engagement Manager.

An overall list of the Directors of Studies is maintained.

To contact all Directors of Teaching, email

To contact all Directors of UG Studies, email

To contact all Directors of PGT Studies, email

To update any of these emails lists as well as the Directors of PGR Studies list please contact Shaun Stephenson-McGall, Student Engagement Manager.

Meeting dates

Forum meetings and other events during 2019/20 are as follows:

Date Time Meeting Venue
Wednesday 25 September 2019 9:00am-2:45pm Welcome event for new members CB 3.15
Thursday 10 October 12:15pm-2:05pm Forum meeting WH Council Chamber
Thursday 21 November 12:15pm-2:05pm Forum meeting WH Council Chamber
Thursday 23 January 2020 12:15pm-2:05pm Forum meeting WH Council Chamber
Thursday 12 March 12:15pm-2:05pm Forum meeting WH Council Chamber
Thursday 30 April 12:15pm-2:05pm Forum meeting WH Coouncil Chamber
tbc All day event (times tbc) Away Day Venue tbc

Annual Away Day

The 2020 DoS and DoTs Away Day will take place on in May or June 2020.

Further details will be available later in the year. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for activities or agenda items for the Away Day, please email Shaun Stephenson-McGall at

DoS Planning Group

The DoS Planning Group drafts the agenda and programme for our both the scheduled meeting of the Forum and the annual Away Day. Our current members are:

Engineering and Design

  • Dr Carmelo Herdes Moreno, Chemical Engineering

  • Dr Maria Valero, Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  • Dr David Hassell, Chemical Engineering

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Professor Richard Joiner, Psychology (Chair)

  • Vacant

  • Vacant


  • Dr Marina De Vos, Computer Science

  • Dr Fabio Nemetz, Computer Science

  • Mr Nick Haddington, Pharmacy and Pharmacology


  • Vacant

  • Dr Timothy Wakeley, Management

  • Dr Sadegh Javaheriafif, Management

There are currently three vacancies for the Planning Group from HSS and the School of Management, and both DoS and DoT are invited to contact Shaun Stephenson-McGall (Student Engagement Manager) with expressions of interest.

In the event of large interest in these roles, the existing members of the DoS Planning Group together with Shaun Stephenson-McGall will ensure a suitably balanced membership.

The planning group is supported by Professor Andrew Heath (Academic Director of the Centre for Learning & Teaching), Dr John Harris (Director of Academic Registry) and Shaun Stephenson-McGall (Student Engagement Manager).

Roles and responsibilities

Following consultation, Senate agreed in the autumn of 2018 (S18/19-14533) to updated and revised indicative role profiles for Directors of Studies (DoS) and Directors of Teaching (DoT). These changes will apply from the 2019/20 academic year. These new roles bring clarity and consistency to learning and teaching leadership roles whilst preserving departmental flexibility and existing good practice.

Overall, key changes include:

  • Creation of a role profiles for DoS and DoTs to better reflect their remits and more clearly distinguish between these two roles.
  • A clearer delineation of responsibilities and how DoS and DoTs will operate in relation to other key positions, for example Associate Deans (Learning & Teaching).
  • Courses with multiple DoSs are asked to allocate a single DoS with responsibility to act as the key course contact for the DoT and central services, and to liaise with their colleagues as appropriate. This is intended to clarify communication routes and responsibilities whilst still maintaining departmental flexibility to have multiple DoSs if helpful.
  • For consistency, all DoTs will be referred to as ‘Directors of Teaching’ rather than ‘Directors of Learning and Teaching’.

The clarification of the roles provide effective leadership and operational support for learning and teaching initiatives and activities. It also ensure that the designation of responsibilities for learning and teaching within departments are accurately represented in QA CoP, Ordinances, and Regulations.

The reference to Directors of Teaching here does not include those members of the Education and Research job family who are individually contracted as Directors of Teaching as their substantive post. Their individual role profiles are distinct from the proposals discussed in this paper