University of Bath

Discretionary Internship Bursary

If you are undertaking an internship, voluntary placement or similar opportunity outside of a normal placement year you may be eligible to apply for an award.

What support is available

Non-repayable grants worth up to £2,000 are available to UK Home undergraduate students who meet certain eligibility criteria; undertaking internships, research or project related opportunities, voluntary placements etc. These can be undertaken at any point on your course but must be outside of a normal placement year, unless you are undertaking an unpaid Erasmus work placement or Study Abroad placement. For students undertaking an unpaid Erasmus work placement or Study Abroad placement you can be considered for an award for additional costs associated with the placement.

Awards will vary depending on the length of the opportunity, and consideration will be given to applications which may enhance your employability or provide a social benefit. Funds are limited and no guarantee of an award can be made.

Eligibility for the Discretionary Internship Bursary

The Discretionary Internship Bursary is part of Bath’s undergraduate financial support framework for UK Home undergraduate students who took up a place to study at the University of Bath from 2012 onwards and are undertaking an unpaid/study placement or an unpaid internship, research/project related opportunity, voluntary placement or another degree related opportunity. It is paid in the form of non-repayable bursaries to students who meet one of the following specific eligibility criteria:

  • you are in receipt of a Bath Bursary
  • you have a household income of £22,000 or below but do not meet widening participation criteria (see below)
  • you have a household income of £42,875 or below and you meet at least one of the following widening participation criteria:
  1. you are a care leaver
  2. you attended a below average performing school/college
  3. your home is in a neighbourhood with low participation in higher education
  4. you completed the Access to HE Diploma
  5. you or your family receive a state means-tested benefit
  6. you are irreconcilably estranged from your parent(s) or guardian(s)
  7. you are a young carer
  8. your home address is in an area of lower social mobility according to ACORN
  9. you are a refugee

Please note if you are already in receipt of the Unpaid Placement Bursary you are not eligible to apply. Also if you have previously received an award from the Discretionary Internship Bursary, then this will be taken into consideration and may mean your application is unsuccessful as we aim to assist as many students as possible.

Please contact Student Money Advice to make an application or to request the full terms & conditions.