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Emergency access to your income

This guide provides staff with information on how to use the "emergency access to your income" scheme.

We are very mindful of the cost-of-living pressure many of our community are currently facing.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and need emergency access to funds, you may be eligible to apply for up to 15% of your monthly basic pay ahead of payday. This could support:

  • covering unexpected bills when they arise
  • avoiding reliance on expensive credit
  • reducing financial pressure and worries

Who can apply

  • The scheme is open to all staff except hourly paid or casual workers
  • If you’re a new member of staff, you can apply for the scheme once you’ve completed your first full month and have received a salary payment
  • If you have submitted your resignation, you will not be eligible for the scheme in the last month of your employment

How to access the scheme

The scheme is usually open from 1st to 17th of every month, please be aware the scheme can’t be accessed during payroll close down period.

Only one payment can be processed within the same month.

If you would like to apply to access up to 15% of your monthly basic pay, please complete the emergency income access form, with the following information, and return by email to

  • Subject: Emergency income access
  • Your full name:
  • Department:
  • Payroll number:
  • How much you would like to access: (between 1-15% of your monthly basic pay)

Unsure how much 15% of your basic pay is? Please use this simple calculator to work out the value.

Please be aware, by making this request you’ll be drawing from your future earnings and the payment will be deducted from your net pay. Therefore, your take home pay will be less when you are paid the remainder of your salary later in the month.

There is no formal approval process once you apply. Your line manager will not be asked to approve the payment. The payroll team will review your request to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and the amount does not exceed 15% of your basic pay.

Timescale for processing a request

If your request is submitted:

  • by 11am Monday to Friday, payment will be made same working day
  • after 11am Monday to Friday or during the weekend, payment will be made on the next working day

Your payment will be made into the bank account your salary is normally paid to.

Further advice and support

We understand that the rise in living costs may be stressful or causing you additional anxiety. It's important to know that you're not alone and that help is available.

This scheme has been introduced to support our employees in emergencies when they might need access to funds ahead of payday. It is not intended to be used to draw down your salary on a regular basis. If you're struggling, or know of others who may be struggling, please reach out and ask for help.

Information and guidance on how you can save money, make budgets go further and access help and advice can be found on the cost of living support and advice for staff page.

Emergency income access form and calulator

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