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University of Bath

Flu vaccination clinics

Find out how you can book an appointment to receive a flu vaccination at one of the clinics run on campus funded by the University.

The flu vaccination clinics

Both the Government and Public Health England have stressed the importance of making every effort to deliver flu vaccinations this coming winter as the flu vaccination is the most effective intervention available to reduce pressure on the NHS due to flu during the COVID outbreak.

In support of this and following the successful uptake of the flu vaccination voucher scheme run in early October, the University has decided to fund an additional scheme allowing all staff the opportunity to book an appointment to receive a free flu vaccination at one one of the clinics run on campus during November to December.

If you are already eligible to receive the free NHS flu vaccination from your GP surgery, you are encouraged to use this instead of attending one of the clinics.

All clinics will take place on University campus and are run by FluXpress Ltd with a Nurse administering the vaccinations.

Booking an appointment for a clinic

Please note that all slots for clinics listed below have been booked via the portal but you can still contact Marcia Martin ( or Liam Kilawee ( to see if any cancelled slots are available that day

All appointments for clinics must be booked in advance via the University of Bath Workplace Vaccinations Portal and bookings will close one week before each day of clinics.

Below is a list of dates clinics will take place and appointments can be booked for as well as the date booking will close for that particular clinic.

Date of clinic Booking closes on
16 November 2020 09 November 2020
18 November 2020 11 November 2020
19 November 2020 12 November 2020
23 November 2020 16 November 2020
24 November 2020 17 November 2020
27 November 2020 20 November 2020
30 November 2020 23 November 2020
2 December 2020 25 November 2020
3 December 2020 26 November 2020
4 December 2020 27 November 2020

Once you have logged in to the Portal, you will be able to pick a clinic and appointment time. Following this you will receive an email confirming the date and time. Please make sure to check your junk folder for the confirmation email.

Cancelling an appointment

If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment, we ask that you cancel in advance where possible either via the cancellation link provided in your confirmation email or by contacting Marcia Martin ( or Liam Kilawee ( so the slot can be offered to someone else.

Alternatively, if you are looking to book one of the slots cancelled by someone else, please contact Marcia or Liam for availability that same day.

What to expect at your appointment

In advance of your appointment

Complete the [ on the day of your appointment and not before.

If the answer to all the above questions is no, please bring the signed form to your appointment and place it on the table when requested by the nurse. Please do not hand it to the nurse.

Arriving at your appointment

All appointments will take place in 2 South. Please refer to the campus map to understand where this is on campus. Signage will direct you to the room where vaccinations will take place where you will be greeted by a Student Ambassador who will sign you in. Please remember to take a form of ID in case the Student Ambassador and/or Nurse need to confirm you have attended the correct slot.

Please arrive at your appointment promptly to ensure subsequent appointments can run on time and avoid any chance of your appointment being cancelled. Please also be aware that you are responsible for any costs associated with travelling to and from your appointment.

arriving by car

There is a small car park located next to 2 South as well as the West Car Park a 5-10 minute walk away.

arriving by bus

There is a bus stop located at the top of Bathwick Hill, by The Woodlands with a short 5 minute walk along Soldier Down Lane to 2 South.

Your appointment

Once signed in, please place your consent form on the table when requested by the Nurse.

The Nurse will need access to your upper arm to administer the flu vaccination so it may help to wear loose clothing on the day or a long-sleeved shirt/top with sleeves that can be comfortably rolled up as far as top of shoulder.

Possible side-effects

The flu vaccine has been robustly tried and tested and is extremely safe for administration but some people may experience a slightly sore arm after the vaccination which can include redness, swelling, pain or bruising around where the vaccine is injected, but the majority of people do not report this side effect.

Less commonly, a mild temperature and aching symptoms may occur as a result of the immune system responding to the vaccine. This can last for up to 48 hours after vaccination and is not considered abnormal.

Side effects more serious than these are extremely uncommon and very rarely occur.

The flu vaccination

While the majority of people can safely receive the flu vaccination, you will not be offered the flu vaccination if any of the following reasons apply to you:

  • if you have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous flu vaccination or an allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine (including neomycin).

  • If you have a known allergy to chicken or egg products as the vaccines are prepared in hen’s eggs. Vegans/vegetarians may not want a vaccination for the same reason.

  • if you are ill with a fever on the day of vaccination.

  • If you have any symptoms of COVID.

  • if you are aged 65 or over: the quadrivalent vaccine is not the optimal flu vaccination for your age group. It is recommended by Public Health England that you receive the free NHS flu vaccination from your GP surgery instead which has been specifically developed by the manufacturers for maximal protection against the flu virus for the over 65s.

There are no meat products or alcohol in this vaccine.

For more information about the flu vaccination, you can visit the Flu Vaccine NHS website.