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French/English virtual language exchange

Find out more about the virtual language exchange between the University of Bath and the ENS de Lyon.

The University of Bath and the ENS de Lyon are pleased to offer a language exchange between our two institutions.

About virtual language exchanges

A virtual language exchange is a great way to broaden your horizons, meet new people and develop a range of skills.

The exchange is an opportunity for all students (not just those taking our French courses) to interact in English and French on a variety of topics linked to culture and experience.

These are not language lessons but an opportunity to experience an informal intercultural exchange with a foreign student in French and English.

We are looking for motivated students at B1/B2 intermediate level in French (AS/A Level equivalent) to take part.

How the virtual exchange works

  • The project will last five to six weeks.
  • You will be paired with a student from the ENS de Lyon who is enrolled in a B1/B2 English class (although English is not their main area of study).
  • Each week you will meet online via videoconference for 40 minutes minimum (20 minutes in English and 20 minutes in French) and discuss a topic that you have prepared beforehand by exchanging links or documents (articles, images, links to websites, music, video etc).
  • You will choose the day / time of your meeting with your partner.
  • After each exchange you will make a small entry in a learning journal, which will help you to reflect on the process and inform the coordinator on your progress.

Next steps

Please email Anne-Catherine Mechler, French Teaching Fellow in the Skills Centre.

In the email, include a few lines in French about why you want to take part in the project and what your current level of French is. Please also attach a profile written in English (approximately half a page) with a picture of yourself.

These profiles are used by the project coordinators to find you an exchange partner with shared interests and are only seen by the coordinators and your partner. We ask you to include a photo to facilitate a welcoming and friendly start to your exchange. You will receive the same information about your partner in French.

"I would without doubt recommend taking part in a virtual exchange. There’s no replacement for having proper conversations with a native speaker when it comes to improving your language skills." (MChem student Hannah Glover)

Read Hannah's blog on taking part in the French virtual exchange

Contact us

Any questions? Please contact Anne-Catherine Mechler.

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