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Learning a foreign language at the University of Bath

General information about our foreign language courses.

A language tutor teaching students in a language lesson at the University of Bath.
Develop your language and intercultural skills

All students at the University of Bath can take a language course alongside their degree. Members of staff and the general public can also attend our classes.

We have been running language courses for over twenty years. Our highly experienced teachers are passionate about the importance of foreign languages in today's global society.

"My language classes at the University of Bath have given me a passion which will last far beyond my time at this university." (Michal Nalepa, BEng Civil Engineering)

About our language courses

We offer courses in nine languages, all starting from beginner level.

Many of our courses are in two parts which we run in Semester 1 (typically October to December) and Semester 2 (typically February to May) respectively. You need to register each semester in order to progress to the next level. Depending on demand, we run some courses in both semesters.

Course delivery

Most of our classes are in-person on campus, but some run remotely online. Lessons are generally between 50 minutes and 110 minutes long, depending on the language and level. Please refer to the timetable on each language page for further details.

Learning activities

We offer interactive learning activities tailored to the level of each class. Activities may include role plays, quizzes, presentations, and informal group discussions.

To achieve the intended learning outcomes, you are expected to complete on average 30 minutes of autonomous learning per day. Your teacher will tell you what is required.

Moodle is our main Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where you will find an overview of the course content and intended learning outcomes.

Class sizes

We keep our class sizes small (maximum 25 students per class) so we can give you as much individual support as possible. All classes are inclusive, accessible and will develop your language learning in an informal, but structured way.

Course materials

Following your enrolment we will email you details of the course textbook you will need to buy and how to order it. This is an essential requirement for the course. If you have any difficulties buying the textbook, please speak with your teacher.

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