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Hiring or buying a graduation gown

How to hire or buy your graduation gown for your graduation ceremony.

Your Graduation gown

Once you have registered to attend your ceremony you will need to order your gown, which you can do through our approved external supplier Graduation Attire from 23 October 2023.

The price of ordering a gown starts at £42 inc VAT. If you order after the deadline the cost of the gown increases by £8.

You will also be able to book photography at the same time as hiring your gown.

If you decide not to attend a graduation ceremony, Graduation Attire can still provide you with a gown to wear at your own celebrations. Please follow the guidance in the section 'How to hire or buy your gown' below.

Your gown will be available to collect on the day of your ceremony at the Guildhall.

For more graduation preparation information visit the preparing for your ceremony page

Our approved supplier

Graduation Attire is part of the Evess group of companies which also provides garments for the legal profession and the clergy.

The University and the Students' Union jointly approved the company as a supplier because it offers good value for money, and, with gowns made from recycled plastic fibre, it's committed to using sustainable products with a positive environmental impact.

Details of University academic dress to be worn at University of Bath award ceremonies and similar events can be found on our official academic dress page.

How to hire or buy your gown

Gown booking will open on 23 October 2023, and you can find the link to book through Graduation Attire below.

On the opening web page you'll be asked to select your University. Next, you’ll be taken through the steps to hire or buy your gown, which will include a calculation of the shipping costs to a UK or international address.

You might need to have a tape measure ready, as you'll be asked to provide measurements (for example, your height and head circumference).

You'll also need your student registration number, which you will find on your University library card and your invitation email.

Gowns for members of staff

Academic staff will be emailed directly with details on how to register to attend a ceremony and book a gown.

Book a gown through our supplier Graduation Attire

Book your graduation gown


If you have any questions, please contact Graduation Attire.