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What to do on the day of your graduation ceremony

Where to be and when, how to get your gown and have photographs taken, and what happens during your ceremony.

Graduation day timings

The ceremonies will take place from 16 - 19 July 2024 in Bath Abbey.

Check the date and time of your graduation ceremony.

Refer to the graduation day timetable for specific timings around your ceremony.

We recommend that you allow at least two hours before the start of your ceremony to:

  • collect your academic gown from our official supplier Graduation Attire at Bath Pavilion and have your photographs taken
  • check-in at the registration desk at the back of the Abbey. This opens an hour before the ceremony starts. Please note that guests will need a copy of their ticket as they will enter using the front door of the Abbey
  • be in your seat in the Abbey 30 minutes before the start of your ceremony. Doors will close 15 minutes before the ceremony starts. If you are later than this, we will not guarantee you entry and your name will not be read out during the ceremony
  • listen to the briefing by the Head Usher 15 minutes before your ceremony begins

Each ceremony will last approximately an hour.

As well as attending your ceremony you are invited to attend a departmental reception. The timings can be found on the receptions dates and times page.

Getting to the venues

Graduation venues map
Graduation venues map

For current travel advice, please refer to our travel guide web page. Please ensure you allow enough time to get to the venue - the centre of Bath is likely to be very busy, and traffic will be heavier than usual.

Check the latest information on trains strikes that may affect your journey to Bath. Please note that no liability will be accepted by the University for the costs of travel, accommodation or other arrangements entered into by graduates or guests in the event of strikes.

If you prefer to park on campus and walk or get the bus into the city, parking will be free in all car parks on ceremony days.

Please note that large bags or luggage cannot be taken into the venue. If you are staying in Bath but are unable to leave your luggage at your accommodation while you attend your graduation ceremony, you can store it at the Bath Luggage Storage Centre opposite the train station.

Graduation day walk-through

Watch our brief video showing you what to expect on the day.

More details on gowning, photography and the schedule for the day can be found below.

Collecting your gown

Your gowns can be collected from Graduation Attire from 8am at Bath Pavilion.

If you're attending the afternoon ceremonies please aim to collect your gown after 12.30 to avoid queues. Priority will be given to those attending the next ceremony.

If you provided Graduation Attire with a working UK mobile number, you should receive an SMS the evening before with a collection code for your attire. If you don't receive the SMS you can show them your gown booking email with your order.

You can find more information on Graduation Attire's process on the day on their webpages.

You will need to return your gown to the same location before 7.30pm (6.30pm on Friday 19 July as there is one less ceremony that day). The Graduation Attire team will scan the chip in your gown so they know it's been returned.

If you'd like to keep any of your attire you can arrange with the team to purchase it.

Official photography

Graduation Attire will be open for studio photography in Bath Pavilion from 8am until 7pm (6pm on 19 July as there is one less ceremony that day).

You can check what you've pre-ordered upon arrival at the photography admin desk and staff there will be happy to help you arrange for additional poses and on-the-day offers.

An official photograph of you crossing the stage is also taken during the ceremony, and you will have the option to buy and print this photograph at Bath Pavilion after the ceremony.

You will receive a link to your photos to select those you want printed within 9-10 days of your ceremony. Be sure to choose within 2 weeks of receiving the link, or if you prefer the Graduation Attire team can select the best photo to edit.

The University will also publish general photographs on the Graduation Ceremonies web pages after the ceremonies.

All photographers from the University or Graduation Attire will be identifiable by their lanyard. Any other photographers offering photography services outside the Abbey or elsewhere are not officially affiliated with the University.

During the ceremony

Please bring your tickets with you on the day. If using a mobile device please screenshot the tickets before you arrive. Please ensure your guests have a copy of the tickets as they enter the Abbey through a different entrance.

You will be sent your seat number in advance of the ceremony by email. It is important you sit in the correct seat.

The ushers will guide you from your seat at the correct time. You will wait at the side of the stage and your name will be checked by the Deputy Marshal.

When your name is called, cross the stage and stop to doff your cap at the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor who will be standing in the middle. There will be no hand shaking during the ceremony. After you have doffed your cap turn to face the photographer for a photograph to be taken before continuing on and leaving the stage on the other side.

Live streaming

The ceremonies will be streamed live on the University web pages. A recording of each ceremony will be available on the web pages 48 hours after the ceremony.

The ceremonies will also be streamed live to Komedia in Bath for those that would like to attend on the day but don't have a ticket to the Abbey. Please note that seats in Komedia will be offered on a first come first served basis and we cannot guarantee entry. Doors will open an hour before the ceremony starts.

Contact us

If you have any enquires please contact the Graduation Team.

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