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Keep Learning

Learning new things will make you build confidence, build your self-esteem and help you to build a sense of purpose.

Keep Learning is part of Six Ways to Be Well which breaks down wellbeing into six themes. These themes show that overall wellbeing is about making small positive changes and will help you identify the areas you can focus on to improve your overall wellbeing.

Why keep learning?

Regular learning has been shown to have positive impacts on our wellbeing, it can help build confidence and self-esteem, those that continually learn through life are shown to respond better to stress and it can give a sense of purpose. You are already learning through your academic studies but there are plenty of small ways to also keep learning.

Take a course

Learning doesn’t have to be formal courses, but you may decide that you want to dedicate some time to learning outside of your studies. You could consider one of our Counselling workshops and courses to learn about your wellbeing. The Skills Service offer a number of opportunities to learn academic skills including a new language. The Edge also offer classes in the arts such as music and dance.

Student groups

The SU offer plenty of student groups which can be a great way to meet new people or learn a new skill or activity.

Simple ways to keep learning

There are plenty of ways to keep learning from reading a new book, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts or cooking new recipes. Learning does not have to be about taking courses, just be curious, if you hear something that interests you, look it up and learn a bit more.

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