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Keep your contact details up-to-date

How to check the address, email address or mobile number details we have for you and change or update them on your student record.

Update your contact details

If you're a current student, you can update the address, telephone and personal email address details we have for you via SAMIS.

Change your address details

  1. Log into SAMIS, and scroll down until you see the "Update my home or contact address" section.
  2. Click on the "Edit Address" link. You should then see your Permanent Home address and your Semester, Term or Work Contact Address.
  3. Click on "Edit Address" below the address you wish to update.
  4. Update each field with the new address details, deleting the information which is out of date. If you're updating your details with a non-UK address delete the postcode details in the UK postcode field, then update the other address lines and enter your country and non-UK postcode, if you have one.

Change your personal email or telephone number

Follow steps 1-3 and then check and amend your email and telephone or mobile details in the corresponding field.