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University of Bath

Learn Italian with the Skills Centre as a member of the public or University staff

Find out about our courses and how to enrol on the right one for you.

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Develop your language and intercultural skills

Course Levels

We offer three levels in Italian, Complete Beginner, Lower Intermediate Part 1 and Advanced Part 1.

Complete Beginner

This course is ideal for you if you have never studied Italian before.

At the end of this course you will:

  • have received an introduction to the language (pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar)
  • be able to talk about topics such as food, free time, holidays, daily routine
  • have learnt about Italian culture and society

Lower Intermediate Part 1

  • have completed the Beginner course with us or have some notion of Italian (studied at least a year).

Or if you:

  • can introduce yourself (name, nationality, age, address and phone number etc)
  • can order food in a restaurant
  • can express likes and dislikes
  • have basic grammatical knowledge (verbs in the present, negative form etc)

Advanced Part 1

Enrol on this course if you:

Or if you can:

  • express yourself fluently in Italian
  • understand complex spoken or written Italian with ease, including different registers
  • use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes
  • understand authentic broadcasts (news bulletins, TV programs, podcasts, etc.)
  • have a sound understanding of Italian grammar and syntax


The Autumn Term will start on 05 October. To enrol, you should select from the appropriate link below: