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Learn Mandarin Chinese with the Skills Centre as a member of the public or University staff

Find out about our courses and how to enrol on the right one for you.

Two pairs of students practicing Mandarin Chinese together
Develop your language and intercultural skills

We offer two levels in Mandarin Chinese: beginner and lower intermediate.

If you have studied Mandarin Chinese before you can try this quick placement test to find out which class would suit your level best. You will need your university login details to take this test.

If you are a member of the public who does not have a University login yet, please contact us.

Post Beginner

This level is suitable for those who have completed the complete beginner course with Foreign Languages and/or can:

  • understand the basics of pinyin
  • greet people
  • talk about themselves (age, nationality, occupation)
  • count to 100 and beyond
  • express likes and dislikes
  • talk about basic personal states (for example busy, tired, thirsty and hungry)

Lower Intermediate Part 2

Enrol on this course if you have some previous knowledge of Mandarin Chinese (completed the lower intermediate part 1 with Foreign Languages and/or achieved HSK 1; can read and write at least 50 simple Chinese characters) and/or can:

  • introduce yourself in detail
  • ask and give directions
  • talk about the price of things
  • ask about opening times
  • talk about illnesses and treatment

I enjoyed my lessons with the Skills Centre. Students, staff, and the general public can register and learn a new language through engaging lessons and taking part in discussions which pushes you out of your comfort zone and speeds up your learning. (Kamile Bagdanaviciute)

Learning Mandarin Chinese - blog by Kamile Bagdanaviciute, Marketing Officer in the School of Management.

Challenging myself with Chinese - blog by member of the public Olivia Wolfheart.


Enrolment for the Semester 2 2022/23 language courses is now closed.


If you have any questions, please contact us.