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Learn Spanish with the Skills Centre as a member of the public or University staff

Find out about our courses and how to enrol on the right one for you.

Three students sharing a joke in Spanish
Develop your language and intercultural skills

Course Levels

We teach European Spanish, but some references are made to the other forms of Spanish spoken around the world, especially to Spanish spoken in Latin America.

We offer five levels in Spanish, from Complete Beginner to Advanced.

A description of each course level can be found below. If, after reading it, you are still unsure which level to enrol on, scroll down to the bottom of the page and take our placement test.

Complete Beginner

This level is suitable for those who have never studied Spanish before.

At the end of this course you will:

  • have had an introduction to the language (pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar)
  • be confident in exchanging personal information, daily and leisure activities
  • have learnt about the culture of the countries where Spanish is spoken

Lower Intermediate Part 1

Enrol on this course if you:

  • have some previous knowledge of Spanish, completed the Beginner course with us and/or have a GCSE or a similar qualification.

Or if you can:

  • greet people and introduce yourself (age, nationality etc)
  • use the present tense and talk about your daily routine (regular, irregular and reflexive verbs)
  • describe members of your family using possessive adjectives
  • express opinions (likes and dislikes)
  • understand when people talk about their profession
  • write short texts about the above topics

Intermediate Part 1

Enrol on this course if you:

  • have completed the Lower Intermediate 1 level with us, have an AS level or equivalent in Spanish.

Or if you can:

  • interact in Spanish in common situations with a degree of flexibility
  • express opinions and engage in conversation on a number of non-abstract topics such as jobs and free time
  • understand straightforward written texts on familiar topics such as travel and facts about society
  • use and understand the past tenses
  • talk about the environment
  • understand news reports

Upper Intermediate Part 1

Enrol in this course if you:

  • have completed the Intermediate level with us, and/or have an A level or equivalent in Spanish.

Or if you can:

  • communicate in a number of less predictable situations, including some more abstract topic areas
  • navigate comfortably between a wide range of tenses
  • express your opinion about current issues and use the subjunctive
  • formulate hypothesis
  • write with a good level of accuracy
  • deliver a speech with reasonably good fluency and without notes

Advanced Part 1

Enrol in this course if you:

  • have completed the Upper Intermediate level with us, lived in a Spanish speaking country or are at B2/C1 in the CEFR

Or if you:

  • have a very sound knowledge of grammar
  • can express yourself reasonably fluently
  • can produce extended pieces of writing
  • can present an argument convincingly and take part in debates
  • can analyse complex texts dealing with any topics
  • can understand authentic broadcasts

If you attend this course, you will be able to practise Spanish on a weekly basis by working with complex written materials, including advanced grammar and idioms, often of an abstract nature, and engaging in a variety of speaking and listening activities.

Placement Test

If you are unsure which level to enrol, you can take the following placement tests:

Members of the public

Member of staff

Once you have completed the test you will be directed to the correct enrolment page.


The Autumn Term will start on 30 September and enrolments are now open for members of the public and staff. To enrol, you should select from the appropriate link below:

University staff

Members of the general public

Independent Language Learning

Members of the public and University staff can access independent language learning resources including films, books, and online resources to help you build your knowledge and language skills from the Language Learning Zone.