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Library Information skills training and support

Library information and training will help you develop study and research skills to avoid plagiarism, find and evaluate quality sources of information.

About Library Information Skills

The Library can help you develop information skills in order to:

Find quality information: to improve your grades, you will be expected to search independently for journal articles and books and not just rely on the recommended readings your lecturer has told you about. To find additional literature and resource, you should to use the Library's subject resources rather than just Google.

Avoid plagiarism: When you hand in your coursework, you declare that you haven't plagiarised or copied another person's work. You need to understand fully how to cite/reference the information that you use in your work.

Impress your future employer: the ability to find, evaluate and synthesise different sources of information is a skill that's vital to many workplace practices.

Training events & tutorials

Finding and evaluating information

Referencing, plagiarism and copyright


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