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University of Bath

Making alternative exam arrangements if you have a disability

How to arrange extra time, a scribe or use of a computer in your exams if you are a student with a disability.

Telling us what you need

If you have a disability we may be able to help you make alternative exam arrangements for your course, including:

  • extra time
  • using a reader or a scribe
  • using a computer
  • rest breaks

You should tell us if you have a disability in your university application. If you don't tell us then, you need to contact us as soon as you start your studies.

To make any alternative arrangements you need to make contact with the Disability Service as soon as possible. We can't make arrangements for you until you have chosen your modules for your programme of study.

Due to Covid-19, some formal assessments may take the form of online exams. Disability Advisers will discuss and recommend individual exam arrangements with you to ensure suitability to online and formal timed assessments. Do contact us if you wish to discuss and review your current arrangements.

Deadline for making arrangements

It's really important that you contact us so we have time to organise your alternative exam arrangements. Remember that there will be waiting times for the appointments so give us as much notice as you can.

Semester one exams

You must have an appointment with us to make arrangements at least two weeks before the beginning of the Christmas break.

Semester two exams

If you did not have arrangements in semester one but now need them, you must have an appointment with us at least two weeks before the beginning of the Easter break.

If you miss the deadline

If you miss the deadline, contact us as soon as possible. We can still meet with you to discuss your requirements.

Making your alternative arrangements

We will meet with you to talk about alternative exam arrangements and check that they are suitable for your needs and the different types of assessment that you may undertake.

If you have already given us evidence us of your disability, you do not need to bring it again to this appointment.

If you have not informed us of a disability before starting your course, you must bring evidence of your disability to your meeting. This could be:

  • a doctor's letter confirming your disability or health condition
  • a report by an Educational Psychologist
  • DSA Needs Assessment report
  • evidence from your school/college exams office confirming your exam arrangements e.g. a completed form 8 or a signed letter on headed paper.

Duration of the arrangements

Your alternative exam arrangements will last for your whole course. You must let us know if your needs change so that we can make sure your exam arrangements are still suitable. You are welcome to meet with a Disability Adviser to review your support at any stage of your studies.