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University of Bath

Making an Alumni Fund grant application

This is a guide for students and staff about how to make a good application for an Alumni Fund grant.

Alumni Fund grants

Donation to the Alumni Fund are disbursed according to the decisions of the Annual Fund Panel, who represent the best interests of students, staff and donors of the University of Bath.

The Panel is free to grant support to any project which they consider to be a valuable enhancement to the University and an appropriate use of donations.

The range of projects which have been supported by the Fund is very wide. Please discuss your idea with the Department of Development & Alumni Relations, who can advise if your project is likely to receive Panel support. Applications must come from within the University of Bath.

Projects should contribute to meeting the mission and vision of the University


The Panel looks for projects which:

  • Are match-funded from another source, or include details of what alternative funding has been sought
  • Support new activities which will become self-funding or achieve external support for the future
  • Demonstrate collaborative working across the University, particularly where a project benefits or affects multiple groups or departments, the Panel will want to see that all of those groups have been consulted.
  • Have permission from the relevant University authorities to go ahead (e.g storage space, planning permission, etc.)
  • Have endorsement from the relevant Head of Department, Dean or Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

The Panel will not usually fund the following:

  • Single-student work placements, internships or study abroad or fees
  • Sabbaticals or periods of leave for members of staff, or travel to conferences, awards events, etc.
  • Departmental prizes
  • Salaries or subsistence, for instance for a PhD student or research assistant
  • Shortfalls brought about by poor management or budget cuts
  • Replacement costs for old or worn-out equipment
  • Funding for catering, for instance for a conference

Selection process

Applications are considered by the Alumni Fund Panel, which includes students, staff and alumni donors. The meetings take place twice each year, in October and in March. Application deadlines are usually six weeks before the meeting.

Extraordinary applications may be considered for Chair’s Action between meeting dates, but will need to be accompanied but a clear explanation of why it was not possible to submit the application within the normal time frame.

Funds are made available each year for Students’ Union affiliated groups. SU clubs, teams and societies should apply directly to the Students’ Union.

We encourage applicants to contact us before submission to confirm if the project meets the criteria. This can be done at one of our information sessions, which will be publicised ahead of each Panel meeting, or by emailing

Application procedure

  1. Attend an information session at the Department of Development & Alumni Relations ahead of the application deadline to discuss your project. Details will be advertised around campus. Please email to arrange a time or book via this form.
  2. Complete the application form. You can share this with colleagues prior to final submission if it is a joint application.
  3. Applications will be considered by the Panel and applicants will be informed of the outcome approximately three weeks after the meeting date.
  4. Late applications will normally be put forward to the next Panel meeting.