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MASH drop-in seat availability

You can use this page to see the current Mathematics Resources Centre (MASH) drop-in seat availability before coming to the room.

Attending the in-person drop-in

These guidelines are to keep us all safe. Please help us keep running the in-person drop-in by adhering to them.

  • Only come to the building if you can see that there is a seat available below. Wear a mask inside the building.
  • Wash hands before entering or use hand gel at the entrance to building 6 East
  • Follow the marked one-way system to enter the Skills Zone, use your elbow to trigger the door to open
  • Collect a clean chair and take it to an empty desk, clean the table area, sit down and read the instructions on safe use of the drop-in
  • Get your work out and do some maths while you wait - a tutor will come to your table shortly

Seat availability


If you have any questions, please contact us.