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University of Bath

Non-Medical Helpers (NMH) for disabled students

Information about the assistance we provide for students with disabilities to help them with specific tasks during their studies.

Non-Medical Helpers (NMH)

We provide disabled students with assistants to help with their studies. Support ranges from help with study skills to mentoring.

Disability Access Plans (DAPs) set out what kind of support a student receives. The Disability Service arranges DAPs.

Standard support services

We have approved suppliers for these services.

Support Assistants

  • Practical Support Assistant
  • Library Support Assistant
  • Workshop/ Laboratory Assistant

Enhanced Support Assistants

  • Study Assistant
  • Examination Support Worker
  • Manual Note Taker

Specialist Enabled Support

  • Electronic Note Taker

Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators

  • Specialist Mentor
  • Specialist one-to-one study skills support

Other support services

We arrange these support services through other providers. You should contact the Disability Service to find out the cost.

Support assistants

  • Sighted guide

Specialist enabled support

  • Communication support worker
  • Specialist transcription services
  • Mobility trainer

Specialist access and learning facilitators

  • British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreter
  • Language support tutor for deaf students
  • Assistive technology trainer