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Offboarding process

Find out how to prepare for leaving the University and what happens to your Employee Self-Service (ESS) access.

When you leave the University as a member of staff, your ESS account will be closed shortly after your leaving date. To prepare for your ESS account closing, we will send you the following email notifications to remind you of this:

  • The day you have been made a leaver on iTrent

  • 10 days before your leaving date

  • 1 day before your leaving date

You will be given access to the iTrent Offboarding Portal the day after your leaving date for a period of 90 days.

The iTrent Offboarding Portal will enable you to access/download your P45 and other Payroll documents after you leave the University.

The P45 is a document that is issued to an employee when they leave their job and outlines the amount of pay received and tax paid by the employee in the tax year. When starting a new job employers will require this information so that they can inform HMRC of the employee’s income and tax payments.

In order to access the iTrent Offboarding Portal you will need to ensure that your E-preferences and personal email address are up to date in ESS prior to your leaving date. Please see our user guide for further information on how to do this.

An automatic email with the login details will be sent to your personal email address to gain access to the iTrent Offboarding Portal.

Please note that after the 90 days you will no longer be able to access your P45 and other Payroll documents on the iTrent Offboarding Portal. We would therefore encourage you to download your P60 and payslips prior to leaving.

Further actions before leaving

Staff who are leaving the University should ensure they complete the following steps relating to pay and pensions before they leave:

  • Check if your contact details are correct and if necessary, update ESS

  • Download your payslips and P60

  • Return any University property such as your work laptop, mobile phone or uniform/clothing to your line manager

  • Complete an exit questionnaire. Your views on working for the University and your reasons for leaving are very important to us. We will hold confidentially all information that you provide. Your line manager may also request to have an exit interview or discussion with you − it's up to you whether you wish to participate or not. Should you prefer an in-person/Teams exit interview, please reach out to your relevant HR Advisor, who will be able to arrange this with you.

  • Make sure that you liaise with your line manager to ensure that any outstanding annual leave has been taken

Annual leave

You should ensure that all outstanding leave is taken before you leave the University. If no details on outstanding leave are stated in your email, letter or on the Employee Leaver Form and agreed by your line manager, we will assume you have taken it prior to leaving.

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