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Online academic skills resources

Useful online resources to help you develop your academic skills.

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Online resources to develop your academic skills

Academic skills resources in MySkills

You can access a range of useful online resources on MySkills to help you develop your academic skills:

Academic Writing

  • Successful reflective writing: This module looks at the purpose, style and structure of reflective writing and will help you improve how you communicate your reflections through writing.
  • Essential essay writing: This module gives you an understanding of the components of an academic essay and how to write introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions.
  • Analysis of essay titles: This module will give you an understanding of the components of essay titles in your assignments and how to plan your essays accordingly.

Study Skills

  • Getting ready for academic study: This Macmillan module looks at ways to prepare yourself for your first term at university and how to learn effectively.
  • Note-taking skills: This module will help you develop your note-taking skills and plan an essay based on your notes.
  • Reading and note-making: This Macmillan Skills for Study module shows you how to select relevant information and make effective notes.
  • Referencing and plagiarism: academic honesty is a vital part of any course of study. This Macmillan Skills for Study module will show you how to use the Harvard and Vancouver referencing systems to discuss other people's ideas safely.
  • Critical thinking skills: This Macmillan module explains how to question assumptions, evaluate sources and evidence and compare propositions in your studies.

Other Topics

  • Manage your time effectively: This short course will help you to create a schedule to manage your workload, identify any potential problems you may face and offer some solutions and tips to manage your time effectively.
  • Support for online exams: This short course pulls together resources from across the University to guide you through online exams and offers some useful tips to help you prepare.
  • Effective online group work: This module will help you to understand the benefits and challenges of working in groups and explain how to develop effective team-working strategies.
  • Presentation skills: This short course will help you to plan, practise and increase your confidence in delivering a presentation face-to-face or online.

Introduction to the Exam Skills module


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