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Supporting your students with academic skills

A guide for tutors on the support the Digital and Academic Skills (DAS) Team can provide for your students.

Students taking part in an academic writing session led by a Skills Centre tutor.
Academic skills support for your students

Embedded academic skills

The Skills Centre's Digital and Academic Skills (DAS) Team provides one to two-hour sessions for first year undergraduate students 'embedded' as part of their course programme. The DAS team can also provide academic skills support for second year and final year undergraduates upon request.

'Embedded' sessions are organised with each department, depending on their specific needs. Please contact the DAS Team Administrator in the first instance to discuss your request.

Skills enrichment sessions

Our skills enrichment programme is open to all students and includes classes on Presentation Skills and Discussion Skills and a range of one-off 50-minute sessions focused on academic skills to build confidence with writing and exam techniques.

Personalised 1:1 writing/exam skills support

Your students can book a 50-minute online or in-person 1:1 writing tutorial with a specialist writing tutor to help them develop effective writing skills and gain constructive feedback on their written work. Alternatively, they can ask for feedback to be emailed to them.

1:1 exam skills appointments are also available in the run-up to assessment periods.

Skills Referral Guide

An 'at-a-glance' Skills Referral Guide is available to help you navigate and signpost our recommended academic skills resources available on MySkills.

Individual student referrals

We offer a limited number of 1:1 'referral tutorials' for students you have identified as requiring additional academic skills support. Please consult the Skills Referral Guide in the first instance to establish the best support for the student.

If you believe 1:1 support is required, please ask the student to contact Student Support to request a tutorial with one of our tutors.

Useful links

Students can access a range of recommended online resources on MySkills to develop their academic skills in their own time.

The Academic & Employability Skills blog provides useful bite-sized hints and tips for students on a range of academic skills topics to help them succeed in their studies.

You can follow the Skills Centre on Twitter for the latest updates on our skills development opportunities.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any further questions about academic skills support for your students.