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Working with the Mathematics Resources Centre (MASH)

Find out what maths and statistics help is available to your students, and how you can work with us to design bespoke solutions.

Directing students to us

If you lecture or tutor topics relating to mathematics or statistics, you may wish to direct your students to us for help. You can direct students to:

Statistics for project work

If you are supervising a final year project or the work of a research student, you may wish to direct them to MASH. You can find out more about the help offered by MASH in this guide about getting help for statistics project work.

First year mathematics students

We have a specialist drop-in and study skills information for first year mathematics students. This includes students on the following joint honours programmes:

  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Economics and Mathematics
  • Physics and Mathematics

Maths teaching support

Our team has many years experience teaching maths at school and university level. We can support academic colleagues who deliver mathematical or statistical content, in context to students. We can work with academics and departments to research and develop new teaching methods within a current unit or support the creation of new units and resources to provide long term sustainable teaching collaborations.

We provide bespoke teaching to targeted subgroups. If you believe a subgroup of students in your department would benefit from bespoke support then email and discuss the options or join our community of practice team to discuss the options.

Individual student referrals

We offer a limited referral service for departments who have identified a student at risk of failure due to specific difficulties with the mathematics or statistics on their course or, for students studying mathematics, due to specific difficulties adjusting to studying higher level mathematics.

Referrals should be made by the relevant Director of Studies and the options should be discussed with us prior to speaking with the student. Referrals may also be made by a member of the Disability Advice Team, if relevant.

We also accept referrals, from any member of staff, for disabled students having difficulties accessing mathematical course materials using assistive technology.

Training space

Training Space is a formative maths e-assessment space. It enables students to embed skills and develop fluency using a repetitive training model. The space has be built using Numbas, an e-assessment platform that allows questions to re-generate to allow for repetitive practise. Questions are designed to locate gaps in concepts and processes from pre-University maths. The feedback is rich and specific to the generated question. The system supports all students, but can particularly benefit students who arrive under-offer, or those with an alternative entry profile.

If you would like to discuss contextualising these materials for your subject area please contact We love working with academic departments to ensure our materials offer the greatest benefit to students.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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