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Organising an event at the University

Make sure you communicate with all necessary departments if you are organising an event on University property.

Arranging your event

If you are organising an event that could affect other University services, like car parking, security, accommodation or catering, you must check the What's On pages to see if there are other events planned for the same dates.

If your event appears to clash with another, consider changing the date or discussing it with the Security management team. You can email the Security management team on to discuss your event.

Make sure you also inform any other department that your event might effect, like AHS or Estates.

Get help from our experts

We have a professional and experienced Conference and Events team on campus, who are happy to help with your event.

Notify Security about your event

Security provide staff and event management for core University events, including graduation ceremonies and Open Days.

The Security team need to be aware of all events happening on campus so they can make sure that:

  • areas used for events are not double-booked
  • suitable parking is available
  • minibus and coach drop-offs are managed effectively

Additional Security staff for your event

You can request support from Security for your event on campus. You must give them 30 days notice for this. If you only need Security to unlock buildings, you must give three days notice.

To make the request, contact the Security management team and tell them:

  • date of the event
  • start and finish times
  • location
  • name and contact details of the event organiser
  • number of people expected to attend
  • estimated number of vehicles expected

Overtime costs

We may charge you overtime costs for additional staff.

Overtime costs include:

  • paying staff who work overtime
  • hiring staff from an external agency

Coordination and resourcing of events is key to their success and the experience of those attending. If we are unable to cover overlapping events, we will need to talk to you and other event organisers to work out a solution.


If you have any questions, please contact us.