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PI Budget Report Tool

This guide helps budget holders navigate around the new finance tool for managing project spend.

As a budget holder you will have been sent a link to the new Power BI report tool for managing your project budgets. This guide has been created to help you navigate around the report and help trouble shoot any issues.

It is recommended that you watch all of the videos to gain the best understanding of how to navigate using Power BI. At the bottom of this page there are details on how to troubleshoot common queries.

Please be mindful when using this tool as it contains highly confidential financial information. Always close out of the web browser after you have finished using the report. Thank you


This video provides an introduction to the new finance Power BI reporting tool for budget holders. It briefly describes how to navigate from the 'Home' page and describes the data used in the report.

Multi-Year Budget Holders

This video is for budget holders who manage multi-year or fundscheck budgets. Typically these are research projects, or studentships.

Annual Budget Holders

This video is for budget holders who manage annual or current budgets. Typically these are operating projects.

K Projects and Search Transactions

This video is for managing K Projects and also includes details on how to search for any transaction on any of your projects using the Search Transactions page.

Trouble shooting

Unable to access report in Power BI When using a University PC please enter your username and password to view the Power BI report using the format When using your own device, you will first need to connect to VPN.

I can't see my project Raise a ticket in Topdesk if you are unable to see a project in the report, this requires approval from your Financial Manager, please include the project code.

Last Load Date is older than yesterday Refresh your web browser.

I can't see a transaction from 2016 Transactions included in the report are for the current financial year, and the prior four financial years.

I excluded a row from the table, how do I get it back? Return to the Home page and navigate back to the page clicking on bookmark links or drill-through, this should reload the data back into the page. If not, refresh your web browser.

Get in touch

Please get in touch if you have any queries by raising a ticket in Topdesk and including 'PI Budget Report' in the subject. We welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve this report.

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