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Registering with the University

Register online so you can use University facilities, get into buildings around campus and start your studies.

Students walking to the Parade
You must register at the start of every year that you are a student at the University.

Why you must register

You must register with the University so that you can:

  • confirm your details and add any more that we need
  • agree to the rules and regulations of the University
  • arrange to pay your fees
  • access the on-line systems you will need for learning
  • receive your student loan (if applicable)
  • collect your library card when you arrive

Returning students

You must register at the start of every year that you are a student at the University. We will email you in September to ask you to do this.

When you can register

Before you can register you must have:

  • firmly accepted your offer of a place
  • met the conditions of entry for your course
  • uploaded a copy of your visa, if you are an international student

If you have completed these requirements, we will send you an email in September inviting you to register. If you have completed these requirements but haven't received the email, check your Application Tracker for any special conditions you need to meet.

There are three different application trackers so make sure you choose the correct one for your course:

When you have received our invitation email, you will be able to log in to register. You will not be able to register until you have received this email.

Completing registration when you get here

If confirmation of your tuition fee loan has not yet been received by the University, please follow the instructions during online registration. Once you have completed Registration, you will be ‘Temporarily Registered’ until your loan is confirmed.

Please do not make payment or set up a Direct Debit if you intend to pay your tuition fees with a student loan.

Document checking (Home) and passport checks (International)

Some students are required to complete a document checking session or a passport check (including visa collection) before they can start their course.

Collecting your library card

If you did not collect your library card when moving into your student accommodation, then check with the library on how to collect your card. This is your proof of identity on campus.

If you need help registering

If you need help while registering online, use the Contact Support link on the registration website.

If you have a question about your fees or your sponsor, you may not be able to register online before coming to the University. Please direct your questions to to ask for advice.


If you have any questions, please contact us. Our phone line is open Monday to Friday from 10am to midday and 2pm to 4pm UK time.