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Requesting Leveraged University Research Studentships (LURS)

How to submit, review and sign off the online request form for Leveraged University Research Studentships (LURS).

About LURS online

Please note the LURS scheme is currently closed to new applicants.​

The online LURS forms system replaces the paper form version, bringing the LURS form into a shared and searchable environment.

The form has an inbuilt workflow that accommodates the paper-based workflow of passing the form in the following order:

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI).
  2. HoD (optional).
  3. Finance and Review Checks.
  4. Assistant Director Of Research (ADR) Review (conditional).
  5. Principal Vice Chair of Research (PVCR) for approval.

You will be kept up-to-date by email alerts at each step in the workflow.

Once the form is completed and has been through the entire workflow, including sign off, it will remain in the system in a visible list tailored to your dashboard view. This view lists all the forms you are involved with and informs you of the forms status at all times.


You can also access the online LURS form through your PAM project in Agresso. Click on the University Review tab and in the Studentship section you will find a link to the LURS environment.

Both links will take you to the LURS dashboard where you can create a new LURS request and access all the guidance, help, and contacts you need.

What you can do in the system

  • Create a new LURS form
  • Access the detailed user guide
  • Access quick help guides
  • Access support
  • Access for finance checkers (permission access only)
  • Access for form reviewers (permission access only)
  • Access for approvers (permission access only)
  • Search for LURS forms (permission access only)
  • Extract general reporting data (permission access only)

Creating a new form

To create a new form click on the 'new LURS form' icon. A new LURS Form can be started by an administrator or a PI, but you must know who the PI is.

The landing page provides a general introduction to what LURS is and links to further detailed information on the web site. Further detailed criteria set out on this landing page and contact details for LURS queries.

The form cannot operate or be completed without the PAM reference number, which is related to your LURS request.

Filling out the form

Use the buttons at the top of the form to navigate and complete the form. Each time you select the 'next' button, the form will be saved.

When launching the form you will get an introduction page, providing policy guidance regarding LURS and contact details for any process queries.

The form is populated with data from PAM. You must supply the PAM reference when requested in the relevant section of the form. Once supplied, the data will auto populate on the form. You can then complete the form and submit to workflow for approval.

There are four main sections that the PI needs to complete:

  • proposal – General info on the proposal
  • contribution – A breakdown of the request being made
  • supporting – Any supporting evidence to support the LURS request
  • alignment – CDT/DTPS alignment and HoD Endorsement (Optional)

Once the four sections are complete the HoD can submit the form for approval.


As with all users, you will have access to your own tailored view, know as a dashboard. This dashboard provides links to new LURS request, LURS guidance and LURS help.

In the dashboard there is a list library, displaying all the LURS requests both historic and current that you have submitted. The library also indicates: when it was submitted for approval, what status the form is at, the status of the project, and who is involved in the requests workflow.


If you have any questions, please contact us.