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Responding to the death or serious injury of a student

The steps staff should take if anybody finds a student who is dead or seriously injured.

Death or injury on University premises

Follow this procedure if you find someone who is showing no signs of life or appears to be seriously injured on the University campus, its immediate vicinity or in off-campus University accommodation.

Step 1: Contact Security

Immediately contact Security Services on extension 666 or 01225 383999. State 'this is an emergency' and give your name, phone number and exact location. They will contact the emergency services.

If you have already contacted the emergency services, call Security Services straight away. This is so they can direct the emergency services, attend the scene of the incident and coordinate the University response.

Step 2: Secure the area

Remain at the scene. Do not remove anything until the emergency services arrive.

Administer first aid if you are able to and trained.

Step 3: Do not contact friends or family

If there is a sudden death or serious injury, the police must make contact with the family first.

After this initial contact, the Director of Student Services will then contact the family. The Head of Department will coordinate other actions, like communication with fellow students.

Security Services will:

  • notify and liaise with the emergency services
  • notify the Medical Centre
  • notify the Head of Security Services or the Security Manager

The police and ambulance service will:

  • attend the scene of the incident
  • contact the coroner, if appropriate
  • notify the next of kin/family

Death or injury not on University premises

If you hear of the death or serious injury of a student, including outside the UK, contact Security Services on extension 666 or 01225 383999.


If you have any questions, please contact us.